Xbox Music to Launch Oct 26th

Xbox Music to launch on October 26th with free ad-supported streaming

We're told that subscriptions, like the current Zune Music Pass offering, will be available alongside a free streaming service supported by ads — similar to Spotify. The service will be available on Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Xbox 360.

A key part of the service is Microsoft's SkyDrive integration that will allow users to store music and playlists in a cloud collection — available across multiple devices. Although Microsoft has plans to offer Xbox Music across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android, apps will not be immediately available we're told.

It will be interesting to see how good this works. But as a 360 and WP7 user, I'm pretty excited to check it out. It's another little bump that might get me to upgrade my iMac to a Windows 8 machine, too.

Looks like this announcement really got everyone über excited!

I just didn't see it. I'm really quite interested!

I'm game.

I can't believe how obnoxious the ads (with sound!) have gotten on 360's Last FM app. It's bad enough that the app went into auto-shut down every 45 minutes, asking if you want to continue you get overly-loud audio/video commercials every 4th song.

It's great for background party music.

I'm more interested in it for WP8. I use my iPod dock through my home theater to play music in my living room. And if we pick up a Surface, it could be useful.

I'm curious as to whether a subscription will be worth the trouble. Ive never subscribed to any before. I checked out the Zune sbs when I got my WP7 phone, and passed.