FF2012: GWJFFL Week 5

Welp, down by 3 points in platinum with Andre Johnson left to play. Normally I would say it's a guaranteed win, but it seems like lately the only time the Texans throw to him is if it's a 50 yard bomb. When he catches them it's all good for my points, but when he doesn't it's bad for me because they never seem to use him for anything less than 20 yards.

Unless Jeremy Kerley comes up with a career game against the number one rated pass defense int he league tonight, I'm on a roll in Silver. Sorry Brouhaha

Silver League:

In need of a decent RB. I am willing to trade WR Malcome Floyd of the Chargers and WR Dominik Hixon of the Giants.

Man, I thought for sure Battle would get more carries. Damn these coaches and their RB committees!

Unless the Houston Defence can somehow grab me 21 points tonight, my record is going to 1-5.

Foster's got me halfway back already. Keep it going buddy.

Where in the world is Andre Johnson?

TempestBlayze wrote:

Where in the world is Andre Johnson?

He just caught a ball.

Oh and then he dropped one.

Now hush, I need 9 more points out of Foster.

TempestBlayze wrote:

Where in the world is Andre Johnson?

I need one more point from him to win, I'm a little worried it won't happen.

He's had 5 targets. He's only caught 1.

Now stop cheering for a pass and let Foster score this TD. :p

Darn they tried for me.

Now I'm looking stupid though. If I'd known Tate wasn't playing, I could have played Casey.

And the only reason I played Nate Washington is because when I checked early, Kenny Britt was supposed to be out, so I thought Nate was the only option and would get more. Could have played 2 more WRs instead of him and I'd be close to, or have won, already.

Still, maybe Foster can save me. 7 more points.

Crap. Foster catch and points wiped out with ineligible downfield penalty.

Come on Houston move that ball!

Are you freaking kidding me. f*ck you Andre Johnson you are a scrub.

Within 5 points now. If Foster gets a TD I get it.

Maybe get it on yards if they keep feeding him. Come on!

EDIT: sh*t! Can't get 2 yards?! Come on Houston!

Yeah I'm just not meant to win this year. Deion Branch has more points than Andre Johnson...am I in the f*cking twlight zone?

Sorry man. I'm coming up short too apparently. Unless Foster breaks off a TD run here, out of nowhere.

Gumbie wrote:

Yeah I'm just not meant to win this year. Deion Branch has more points than Andre Johnson...am I in the f*cking twlight zone?

I felt the same way when I saw you only needed 3 pts from Johnson to win. I never thought I would win that game. Gg, Gumbie.

Grumpicus wrote:

Here's the week 6 thread.

FTFY. You meant week 6.

I'm on the iPad at Disney and unlikely to be able to post aggregated results. Sorry.

Here's the week 6 thread.

edit: week number fixed thanks to garion333

For those who ignore the "Front Office" updates, the following showed up in Gold earlier this week: "Official stat corrections have been applied to your league affecting 1 result." Unfortunately it doesn't say which result was affected and since I was unable to post them here, I have no idea what changed but here's a list of the stat changes themselves.

The message didn't show up in the other 4 leagues, though they do show the same stat changes page so I'm guessing no other games were impacted.

I had that in my non-GWJ league.

Looks like the message is gone, but it removed a TD from Roethlisberger, I believe. Nvm, they gave him a passing TD instead of a rushing TD from Mendenhall.

Following are the week 5 results 1) since Platinum had a new high score and 2) to document the charity winners.

********************* [color=#009900]Results[/color] *********************
#10 Gumbie's Dammits (Gumbie) 101.15 vs #9 Old Man's Depends (oldmanscene24) 102.25
#2 International Organization of Evil (kaostheory) 181.45 vs #12 Minaseans (mcheshier) 141.9
#3 Cobble's Last Place Team (Cobble) 125.75 vs #7 The Elliottx Expletives (elliottx) 107.75
#5 Leap's Peeps (LeapingGnome) 119.75 vs #11 Sylvan Slayers (cybardian) 114.9
#4 Karma's Gaming Grandpas (karmajay) 166 vs #8 The Binding of Boogle (boogle) 110.9
#6 The Heavies (tboon) 119.55 vs #1 50 Shades of Legion (Legion_SB) 115.95
Highest single-week team total (regular season)
Previous: 163.05 by Gumbie's Dammits (1-0) in week 1
This week's highest score: 181.45 by International Organization of Evil (4-2) New Record!

********************* [color=#009900]Results[/color] *********************
#5 Stele's 49ers (Stele) 127.8 vs #1 Grump's Chumps (Grumpicus) 129.35
#6 Makisupa Policemen (Phishposer) 87.65 vs #7 Landshrk83's Lions (Landshrk83) 133.05
#10 Garion's Gruntz (garion333) 98.3 vs #3 Jimmy Clausen, MVP (Iridium884) 119.45
#2 Pan-demonium (ukickmydog) 133.65 vs #8 Who's Your Daddy? (Kush15) 167.9
#9 Afghan Rednecks (Bill_Bonney) 108 vs #12 Gizmo's Gremlins (aetrapp) 103.85
#4 Justinbot and the Comeback Kids (justinbot) 177.45 vs #11 Bill's Jollies (Jolly) 121.75

********************* [color=#009900]Results[/color] *********************
#8 Ratatat (brouhaha) 128.4 vs #3 Rabbitroids (gwjrabbit) 139.25
#10 Screaming Mimis (mudbunny) 123.95 vs #9 Jersey Leshoure (FSeven) 141.45
#6 P.R.I.M.E. Time (Apollo0507) 114.75 vs #1 TBA (iaintgotnopants) 147.1
#5 Chad Doing Ocho to Diez (ckozelic) 130.5 vs #4 Black Mesa Headcrabs (Carlbear95) 100.45
#11 Rayguns (nightelfmohawk) 89.75 vs #7 Los Ovinos Negros (myles_1978) 68.15
#12 Bazookas (Chabuda) 88 vs #2 Tempest (tempestblayze) 135.55

********************* [color=#009900]Results[/color] *********************
#9 Travis Henry is my Dad (myles_1978) 80.35 vs #6 Team Grumpicus (Grumpicus) 137.5
#2 The Elliottx Experience (elliottx) 170.85 vs #7 Mandana (ukickmydog) 106.75
#11 Minaseans (mcheshier) 106.05 vs #12 Landshrk83's Lagomorphs (Landshrk83) 86.75
#5 Jeff Goldblum's Malnourished Zygote (kaostheory) 178.75 vs #1 JollyBill's Manly Men of Manliness (Jolly) 131.25
#3 Garion's Muffin Tops (garion333) 97.85 vs #10 Lars and the Real Homer (Laarrs_GWJ) 79.25
#4 Old Man's Flaming Arthritis (oldmanscene24) 191.6 vs #8 Fresno Fog (Legion_SB) 119.5

********************* [color=#009900]Results[/color] *********************
#11 The Moldavian Massacre (iaintgotnopants) 144.2 vs #12 Unfrozen Caveman Lawyers (Laarrs_GWJ) 103.65
#2 Grenades (Chabuda) 165.75 vs #1 The Elliottx Executives (elliottx) 93.55
#8 Leapsanity (LeapingGnome) 131.9 vs #4 Landshrk83's Lack of Imagination (Landshrk83) 95.35
#10 The Hammock District (Iridium884) 147.85 vs #3 Old Man's Dementia (oldmanscene24) 150.75
#9 Garion's G-String (garion333) 93.65 vs #7 House Legion (Legion_SB) 149.55
#5 The Big Tebowski (FSeven) 133.15 vs #6 Los Gringos (Bill_Bonney) 145.85

That's ok; look, everyone's a winner! (+$2):
GWJFFLP - Gumbie's Dammits (2-4) 101.15
GWJFFLG - Makisupa Policemen (3-3) 87.65
GWJFFLS - Los Ovinos Negros (2-4) 68.15
GWJFFLK - Lars and the Real Homer (1-5) 79.25
GWJFFLD - The Elliottx Executives (5-1) 93.55

A dollar makes me holler, honey boo boo! (+$2): Los Ovinos Negros (2-4) 68.15
Note: Rankings are listed as they were at the time of competition. New rankings will be posted in next week's thread.