The Halloween Scare-All

Watched Bad Hair on hulu and liked it. This movie is attack of the killer tomatoes levels of dumb but with a message. A black woman is forced to get a weave to keep her job. The weave turns out to be cursed or alive and needs blood to take over the host body. The hair kills a bunch of people. Other people get cursed hair. A wacky time is had by all.

The special effects were really bad. If they would have given this a budget it would have been better. Still it wasn't a bad movie. The bad special effects had their own charm. The ending didn't make sense. The bad guy wasn't fleshed out but I think they were going for something else. Society driving black women to abandon their natural hair might be the real bad guy.

I give this seven weaves out of ten.

I watch Halloween III Season of the Witch every year on Halloween. It’s probably my favorite of the Halloween franchise movies even though it has nothing to do with the other ones. It’s probably on nobodies list of movies but for some reason I’ve always liked it.

The grand kids and I watched Monster House last night. That is our go to Halloween movie.

Just finished World War Z and Halloween with my niece and brothers in law. She did real well for most of it, but Laurie continually ditching the knife made her real angry.

Watched His House and loved it. The movie is about a couple fleeing Sudan. England hooks them up with a crappy home but considering most refugees are sent back they are happy to have it. While in their new home they are besieged by ghosts.

In this movie the real life racism and conflicts are more scary than the ghosts. However, the ghost stuff is pretty good and I usually hate ghost stuff just because they can usually do anything with no real limits. This ghost actually has a limit.

Acting was great. The lady from lovecraft country is in it. I love me a big woman. The look of the movie is great. Film work is great. No real gore but some scary scenes that are of real life. Loved the story. I wonder if you can say it is filled with subtext if they beat you over the head with what the story is really about. I don't think they are forcing anything down your throat. I'm not sure what to call it. The Babadook is filled with subtext. The monsters in that really mean something else. That really isn't the case here. The monster is a monster but maybe it is also something else especially considering what we learn about the couple .

I give this 9.5 please god make 2020 ends out of 10.

Oh if you have been keeping up on events in Sudan and how refugees are treated in England this movie might have more meaning to you.

We watched Bone Tomahawk with Kurt Russell and Matthew Fox (!). I will say it was worth the watch.