NFL 2012 Week 4 Thread

Stele wrote:

Hm. Do I e-mail that to my in-laws in Nashville? :D

Damn right you do.

TheGameguru wrote:
I'm not involved in sports betting, so I don't know if perhaps my use of the words "Vegas Line" is confusing.

Vegas line would imply that for instance the Packers giving NO 7.5pts next week that they then win by 8 points+.. Not just win. But you clarified what you are doing so I'm good. I vote next year we move to include spreads and not just pick ems.

I think if folks had to account for the spread, you'd have a lot of us confused about why we'd picked teams that won, say 4-1 picks, but were 1-4 for not beating the spread. Sure it adds a level of difficulty, but I don't know that enough folks are that serious. Also, I am projecting a lot here.

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Where's Jonathan Joseph fit? I was under the impression he's been shutting down one side of the field.

From a strictly fan perspective, he's totally awesome. We have total confidence in him.

No way! Would have never guessed that. :)

I don't see what you did there, gumbie, but since our teams are playing this weekend, it's a good time to once again show everybody this educational video about the group of folks Tennesee named their team after:

Top youtube reply nailed it

youtube person wrote:

lol, I'm pretty sure Tennessee name their team the Titans because they were huge, almost unstoppable beings who roamed the Earth kicking everyone's ass, except for the Olympians.

Maybe we could have been really original and named them the Nashville Tennesseans

Personally I'm pretty fond of Gregg Easterbrook's name; The Tennessee Flaming Thumbtacks.

The Jaguars are making their switch this week to black uniforms as their standard home jersey.

This was already planned for 2013 but apparently it starts now.

I still give a big thumbs-down to this. Teal is a color that belonged to them and them only. Black? It's quite well spoken for already, doesn't need another me-too team.

It would be really nice if the Jaguars would simply stop monkeying with their uniforms. Pick one and let it hang around long enough to become memorable. Keep it for 40-some years and it becomes iconic, but you can't get to 40 years if you can't get past 2.

But, hey, they like black in LA, so....


I'll say this - if this is what it takes for the franchise to stop playing musical uniforms, then OK, fine, I'm on board. I don't even care what the uniform looks like at this point, just so long as they pick it and stick with it.

Whoa...come on now...When speaking of must always mention Champ Bailey....why isnt he up there? Dude gets so much respect, QBs hardly ever throw in his direction. Plus he is 33 years old...anyone else know a 33yr old that can cover a 20-something 6'4" speed receiver for an hour and still shut him down?

ZellbrigeN26 wrote:

anyone else know a 33yr old that can cover a 20-something 6'4" speed receiver for an hour and still shut him down?

No, but you've highlighted exactly the value of these kinds of ratings. They don't care about Champ Bailey the player from 2000 or 2006. He doesn't get credit for how good he used to be. He doesn't get an emotional bump in the rankings because he's "still got it" at 33 years old. He grades where he grades purely on his level of performance, here and now.

And he still grades out fairly well. His grade for 2011 put him 18th (15th purely in terms of coverage grades).

Dude gets so much respect, QBs hardly ever throw in his direction.

Possibly true in the past, not true in the here and now (or, at least, not as true). His 63 targets per 909 snaps last year (1 per every ~14 snaps) was certainly very good, but not disproportionately so. And the 54% catch rate he yielded on those targets put him 22nd among corners who took 60% or more of their team's snaps. That number, along with the 15.4 yards per catch he yielded on those receptions, are what put him below 17 other cornerbacks, who almost all did much better on those metrics.

All of that performance is still very good, mind you. I'd take it on my team in a heartbeat. But he's ranked about where he belongs at this point.

Gumbie wrote:

Maybe we could have been really original and named them the Nashville Tennesseans

But that's already taken by the newspaper.

Fed, I don't think someone with a team named for their state should make fun of other teams' names.

And I agree, the new Jag uniforms suck. I thought the teal/blue always looked good, they should just keep that.

LeapingGnome wrote:

And I agree, the new Jag uniforms suck.

Hey, I wasn't going that far. I think, in and of themselves, the black uniforms look fine. I just hate changing for the sake of change (again), and also hate giving up on having the team's own unique color identity.

As ESPN uniform columnist Paul Lukas said:

The Jags' original design was one of the best expansion uniforms ever. As a certain uniform columnist repeatedly opined, "It has the makings of a modern classic -- if they're smart enough to leave it alone." Well, we all know how that turned out.

How indeed:

In 14 seasons, the Jaguars had at least eight different logos and used maybe twice as many uniform combinations. There was the all-white look, the all-black ensemble, white pants with teal shirts, white pants with black shirts, black pants with white shirts and even black pants with teal shirts. Throw in subtle stripe changes nearly every season and it was even difficult for owner Wayne Weaver to recognize his team in highlight videos.

Maybe if I'm lucky, the team will come to their senses and have a "back to the classic" moment like the 49ers. That's the best thing San Francisco has done in recent years besides drafting Colin Kaepernick.

I like these solid black jerseys with the block numbering a lot better than the ones with the rounded numbers and the awful up-to-the-pits black stripe extension.


Is Cecil Shorts going to become a normal target for Gabbart?

Gumbie wrote:


Is Cecil Shorts going to become a normal target for Gabbart?

That's a good question. Shorts has obvious playmaking ability but he's still working his way into the lineup. He came into the NFL last year after playing Division III college ball, so it's been expected that his transition would be a bit slower as he learns the finer points of playing the position against a much higher level of competition. Last year he just wasn't ready to get on the field against that caliber of player. It looks like he's starting to put things together, at least in a limited role. Things like learning how to block are still works in progress and part of what has limited his snaps.

He's 6', 200, ran 4.35 & 4.41 40s at his Pro Day, strong (21 bench reps at the Combine), has good hands and he catches away from his body. He's a very good prospect on paper, and we've seen with those two long touchdowns a glimpse at that raw ability getting put into action.

The answer to your question is, the team hopes so. They invested a 3rd round pick on him last year with the intent on grooming him into an eventual starter.

Headed up to Lambeau today! I'm going to try to stalk Legion's boy Vic on his walk before the game.


Bills have both Jackson and Spiller Active even though both are pretty banged up.

karmajay wrote:

Bills have both Jackson and Spiller Active even though both are pretty banged up.

Yep. I'm starting one in one league, and one in the other, and praying.

Oh man, almost forgot.

Chargers at Chiefs

Seahawks at Rams

Redskins at Buccaneers

49ers at Jets (No Revis and shouldn't be able to run, so I'm changing this to the 49ers)

Titans at Texans

Go Texans!



Finally I get to watch RedZone for the full 6 hours today!

And bam, just like that Minn scores on the opening kickoff.

garion333 wrote:

Caepernick is getting some plays in.

Hell yeah. He just play-actioned to Moss in triple coverage, and he got a hand on it.

Kaepernick! More Kaepernick!

Ooh 58 yd FG for the Rams. Greg the Leg.

Kaepernick is getting some plays in.


Sorry Gumbie. Hope Locker is alright.

Chiefs coughed it up again against the Chargers. Not going to have a chance if they keep turning it over.


*Legion* wrote:

Kaepernick! More Kaepernick!

TD Colin!


It's too bad he couldn't connect with Moss on that pass, but you could see the throwing ability. Deep pass, great placement through tight coverage. I am still convinced he is a future starter.

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Certis wrote:
Legion wrote:

Certis: 0-5

I was 3-2 last week. Not sure where 0-5 comes from. WHO PAID YOU OFF? Wait, it was you, wasn't it?

I'll double-check that. Your vote must not have gotten recorded.

Don't worry, I fixed it.

Yeah, they're actually using him as a fullback. Hilarious.

garion333 wrote:


Meanwhile, Tebow cut blocks well.

EDIT: And in his first pass as a Jet, throws a jump pass that hangs his TE out to dry. That's why that pass isn't thrown in the NFL.