NFL 2012 Week 4 Thread


Week 5 thread for you impatient bastards.

It was this kind of demand that made Rat Boy run away from us!

Woot on being perfect last week. It was nice to be the only one...prob be the last time it happens too, lol. That mentioning Wheeler on the Colts...two other rookies to look out for are Bruce Irvin on the Seahawks and (When he does play) Trevathan on the Broncos...both are linebackers that just rush all over the place and are really a wonder to watch.

Chargers at Chiefs: Tough one, but its hard as hell to win at Arrowhead as the visitors, so I will give it to the Chiefs.
Seahawks at Rams: The Seahawks Def will be the deciding factor in this one
Redskins at Buccaneers: This is the other Tough one...I think just based on offense, the skins are the better team. However, their Defense is hurting. Plus, if anyone can stop Washingtons run game, its going to be Tampa. It will be a close one, but I think Washington will still come out on top.
49ers at Jets: lol...they lost Revis and Tebow is ineffective. SF is going to show the country the Vikings just got lucky last week by beating the crap out of the 9-11s...I mean the Jets.
Titans at Texans: No explaination needed.