Does anyone have experience linking a WP blog to FB?

I have a small WordPress blog, and I would like to have my posts on my blog get cross-posted automatically to my FB wall. I have followed the instructions given in the Facebook plugin for WordPress (the one provided by Facebook), but whenever I try to " Link your Facebook account to your WordPress account ", it opens up a window tat starts to try to link it, but then goes to an error page, giving the following error:"An error occurred with Mudbunnys Waste of Electrons. Please try again later."

*Legion* wrote:



I will check it out.

Woo-hoo!! Works awesome.


No prob. I didn't have time at that moment to say more, but I'm glad providing the link was enough.

I'm not on WP anymore, but I ran it to power my blog for 7 years, and that was the most recent plugin I used, one of the few that still worked well.

It was so incredibly simple as compared to the others. With the others, you had to make your own app, set all the permissions, check off a bunch of boxes and set some drop downs that are never really explained well.

With Wordbooker, all I had to do was install it, give it permission like I would any other Facebook app, and then make sure that the options to push to FB are selected.

I like Shareaholic the best of the WP share plugins I've tried.