Can someone explain Sonos to me, and what about the new Logitech UE?

I'm a little confused by the Sonos systems...I'm looking at the Connect (Formerly the ZP90) and it says it is wireless...But they also sell a 'Bridge' which they say is for connecting to your wireless network. Do I need both?

And does anyone know if the Logitech UE system is the new replacement for the Squeezebox range? Is SqueezeServer still supported?

Wow, I dunno, it looks like Logitech dropped the Squeezeboxes only a few weeks ago. The Wiki article implies that the UE version is really brain-dead compared to Squeezeboxes, but I'm trying to find out more.

What a bummer. So the Sonos system requires both the Bridge AND the Connect in order to stream wirelessly. Startup cost of $400. I can get a used Squeezebox of some flavor for less than $200, assuming Squeezecenter is still being supported...

Well, in looking, it appears that Squeezecenter is now probably in maintenance mode, and may be discontinued soon. So you should probably grab a copy now, and also order any hardware you're gonna want. Amazon has the most recent version, the Touch, pretty cheap.

Thinking about picking one up, just in case.

Sonos is a bit pricey, but if you're looking for a convenient way to do X number of wireless speakers, it's hard to beat. And yes, you do need a bridge and at least one other component. Many of their components act as repeaters for your signal, as well.

I personally have the bridge and two of these speakers and I swear by them. The first time I used the software, I immediately got that feeling of "finally, someone did it the way I would have done it." It's very easy to manage your queue, your zones, and your volume on the fly from your phone. It also connects well to many different music services, radio from all over the world, and your local NAS or share.

They're great for when you're having a party; you can have an inside zone with one set of music, and another for outside (or however you choose to do it; it's all just flipping switches in software). Or you can link your various speakers/components together on the fly to play the same stuff or take over L/R stereo duties. I like being able to unplug a speaker and walk it out to the patio when we're having cigars or chilling outside, without having to go to the trouble of wiring up a permanent solution.

I'm not a big audiophile like some of the folks here, but I have tried a few wireless speakers in the past and always returned them because the DAC just sucked too hard. These sound good to me, and fill the room quite well without sounding strained.

I really like my Squeezeboxen. If that line is getting discountinued, it's time to grab another one on the cheap.

I have one of the first Slimp3 boxes that the squeezebox evolved from, it is still going strong.

My Squeezebox 2 has gotten wonky on me, won't hold a stream properly. But my SB3 is still working nicely.

Thinking about a Touch. Hmm.

Take it with a grain of salt...but seems like Squeezebox lovers are OK for now. I'm going to pick up a used Duet or SB3 in the next few weeks.

Thread, arise! I wanted to blab about Sonos a bit because my awesome wife just got me one of their soundbars for my birthday. Our only audio source for the past few years has been the TV speakers so really anything would have been an enormous improvement, but I have to say I'm impressed with the sound quality out of this thing. First thing I did was play a bass-heavy D&B track and it sounded really solid. We'll be adding a sub at some point, but I don't feel like we need it with the setup as-is, which isn't what I expected from a soundbar.

Setup was ridiculously easy. On the back there's an optical jack plus 2 ethernet jacks and a power cord. So you plug the soundbar into your TV and LAN, and setup is all done on their smartphone app. From the app, I can stream audio to it from my phone or from any number of online sources. I can see this not being ideal for someone who already has a home audio setup, but in my case it was perfect. Next summer I expect we'll get some outdoor speakers to get the backyard wired as well. They threw in the wireless bridge so we have that already, though I don't think we'll actually need it for a while yet. Anyway, thumbs up for Sonos. The ease of setup and overall product quality really sold me on the system even aside from the sound quality. What a great birthday present this was.