Ultima Online is 15

Running Man wrote:

There's a new server called Ultima Online Forever that went live 1/18/13. It focuses on the UO:Renaissance era without Trammel. The housing is customizable and skill gains vary based on the relative safety of where they're practiced. In towns or other guard zones, you'll get a gain penalty. In dungeons you get up to a 30% bonus. I switched over from UO:Second Age because the archery on that server's era is pretty gimped.

This is pretty tempting, I may have to check this out.

Today our guild erected a player run tavern, I'm really liking the variety in housing styles. Server population is growing steadily, they've peaked at just under 500 so far. Pretty decent growth for a 2 week old server. Rune books are blessed (you don't lose them if you die) and ethereal mounts are available for a $10 "donation". Or they can be found as rare loot.

I never know about the legalities of donating to these servers, it seems like EA would frown on anybody else making a profit from their game. But still, UO is taking up all my gaming time once again.

All Emu servers seem to operate in a grey area... The WoW and SWG ones i've played on seem to get by just fine without any legal harrassment that i know of.