Ex-Trooper (stylized lost planet) Catch-all

Ex-Trooper is a "new" title from Capcom shown off at the Tokyo Game show . The game is being slanted directly at the Japanese market, essentially the opposite of LP3. Although it has taken the route of cell-shaded art style, the game still has all the mainstays of lost planet combat, T-Eng, Akrid, etc. It is currently slated for release in Japan only on PS3 and Nintendo 3DS.

One of the reasons many people loved the first lost planet was some of the Japanese flare that you don't often see in shooters. Lost Planet 2 seemed to try to get the western market more with some of the features and the distinct difference in story telling style. Lost Planet 3 seems to be going even harder at the western market. I know die-hard LP fans felt that Capcom had lost the original flare of LP with the sequel and the 3rd isn't going to buck that trend. This is why the EX-Trooper video shown got me so excited for a possible US release one day. The quick bizarre multilayer took up more time of mine then I would like to admit, and if this game could deliver the same flavor as LP1 with some cell-shaded graphics then I'm sold.