F*** You, Cancer! Catch all

Cool. I'm here if you want to talk.

And the rest of us are here to listen and offer the support we can.

I'm really sorry to hear your news, Budo.

I wish you all the best.

Hugs and love. You've got this.

Keep killing it Robear!!!

Start killing it Budo!!!

It's testing month again so I should have an update just before US Thanksgiving.

The wife had a biopsy for an anomalous mammogram reading Tuesday, and we’re supposed to get the results tomorrow from the specialist. They accidentally posted the results to her primary care doctor’s portal.

Ductal carcinoma in situ, grade 3.


There are a *ton* of good treatments for breast cancer in general, Dezlen. Here's hoping one of them is the magic bullet for her.

Actually, after looking around, it sounds like there are good options. So take heart.

Okay, another 3 months down, and my blood test results just came in...


Testosterone dropped from 30 to 25 (that is good), and PSA is holding at <0.1! So everything is still fine. Thanks for all the support folks!

That is really good to hear!

YES Robear!!!

Pro-tip for people who are preparing things for end-of-life, or who are going through the process with family:

If you or your loved one has investment accounts on which you might need to pay taxes, get copies of the last 2 or 3 years financial statements for those accounts. Do not assume "I will be able to print them off when I need to". It will make things much, much simpler if you can simply present those to the person taking care of the estate for their calculations of taxes.

Otherwise, you have to play whack-a-mole trying to find the right department to call to get the information.

Thank you, Mudbunny, much appreciated. I'm sorry you had to deal with this.

Wife had a lumpectomy over Christmas break to remove her non-invasive stage 0 breast cancer. Today we went back for the follow up and pathologist report. The removed tissue did not have clean margins, and the actual tumor was small but invasive, and surrounded by way more non invasive cancerous tissue than expected. They have to go back in to remove more for clean margins, and do a lymph node biopsy as there is now the possibility of spread as one of the not-clean margins was on a lymph node duct.

My wife is freaking out and wants both breasts removed to never have to deal with this garbage again. This was not the simple surgery and forget about it that the surgeon sold us.

Venting here-this is not how I wanted my new year to start.

This is a great place to vent. Sending love and support.

Have a meeting on Monday to discuss palliative care for my dad. f*ck all of this so much.

Welp, blood draw for the 3 month check is complete. Now I wait 2 or 3 days for all the results to trickle in. I've been a bit anxious as we come up on the three year mark, as the little cancer beasties have had time to start adapting to their new (hostile) environment. So I have not been sleeping all that well despite trying to reassure myself. I guess this is how it's going to be.

The object is to make it past 5 years, really. So I'm just over half-way through. Sobering. But if I'm very lucky, I could get many more years past that. Here's hoping the meds and my body keep things suppressed.

I'll post when I know more.

I hope it turns out clear.

Thanks farley! You're not the only one.

Well, my red blood cell related stuff is 10-15% better than last time - I'm still anemic - and my white blood cell count is a bit higher in the normal range than before. I'm gonna take those as indicators that my bone marrow is doing better than 3 months ago? I hope?

No T or PSA numbers yet. LabCorp do your stuff!

Looks like my PSA is now <0.02, which while a percent higher than the steady <0.01 of the last 2 years, is not necessarily concerning. Testosterone is up somewhat, which is a bit more concerning to me. But with the anemia also decreased... Well, this is one for the oncologist to advise me on.a

<0.02 is still considered undetectable, and median time to ADT failure is 18 months in men in my situation, so I've already gone well beyond the odds. Whether this is just a blip, or time to reevaluate treatment, remains to be seen. I did cut one of my ADT drug doses in half; maybe that just needs to be restored?

Stayed tuned for next Tuesday's update! Thanks for all the love folks.

After consulting with a new set of doctors, the wife has decided to do the double mastectomy. This decision was not made lightly -she wanted it for her peace of mind, and I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t want her to do it at first for purely selfish reasons. I’ve gotten on board though and we’ve ironed out the rough spots. Surgery scheduled for end March, with reconstruction end June-ish.

f*ck cancer, this sh*t is nerve wracking and put me/us down some dark paths that I never thought we’d go down.

We are here for you both, Dezlen. I know several women who have made that choice and done very well out of it. Best wishes for a successful operation and recovery for your wife. I know this is a hard time but you'll get through it together.

Welp, talked to my doctor and learned two things. First, margin of error for my PSA tests is in the tenths of a point, so "we don't look at hundredths", which means still undectable. Second, my T is bouncing around within a range (12 - 36 ng/dl, if you want to compare it to normal lol), but with no trend, so that's just me being younger than most patients and is not of concern. Since I hit the 3 year mark in August(!), I may get a fancy PSMA scan to look for tiny bits of cancer, but... maybe not. If I do it will just be for hitting that milestone. 5-6 years, if I make it that far, will be the mark for unusual long-term survival, but I intend to blow that away.

I am still No Evidence of Disease - NED - and I want to pry out my anxiety and smack it around for the sleep problems I have had the last week lol. Thank you everyone for your support and kind thoughts, and I am going to enjoy the next three months to the fullest.

Yay!! Congratulations.