F*** You, Cancer! Catch all

krev82 wrote:
krev82 wrote:

So good news, they had their round table and believe what they were looking at was radiation damage rather than growth.

That said, I once again reiterate maybe have these meetings BEFORE meeting your patient and showing them something that can suggests they may have weeks at best...
Frustrating and stressful but hey, living - I’ll take it.

In the meantime back to wait and see mode; mri if symptoms else in feb to compare and see.

Eta sorry for the kinda false flag, I too probably should have waited before saying anything. Thanks so much for your wonderful support folks.

Krev, this is the best thing I've read all week. No need to apologize for what is only good news man.

Rooting for you all the way.

Oh, krev, that's wonderful!!! I'm so happy to see good news in this thread!

Randall brings the feels over in today's xkcd.

Dusty in here...

I get admitted to the hospital, with Bone marrow 90% cancerous, multiple myeloma. A few months later, the count is 4%. Heh. I'll be spending X-mas in the hospital, but if they can drive down that 4% even further it will be soo worth it. #$%^ Cancer.

Good Luck LtWarhound!

Keep kicking Cancer in the jibblies, LT!

god speed warhound! (that sounds ridiculously badass with your username, awesome!)

Hopefully santa can bring in some cancer slaying for you this christmas.

LT the progress in multiple myeloma has been amazing in the past 5 years. Keep kicking a$$! Bummer to be in the hospital for the holidays but here’s to you getting to enjoy many more at home!

Joining the thread to say f*** cancer.

My mom had been sick towards the end of the last year, but was doing mostly okay and acted like it was a temporary annoyance. Once she started having issues speaking, her doctor referred her to a new doctor, admitting he didn't know what it was. A new MRI and a biopsy later, we now know she has brain cancer. The type that can only be slowed, not stopped. She should have at least another year with us, but beyond that is anyone's guess. Apparently they can now place electrodes on a persons head that stay there 24/7 that send electrical impulses to slow the growth, and that may give us even more time.

She's moved into the apartment now with me and my wife, and we have a chemo plan in place. She's also eating better now that she's with us. Meanwhile, we are now cleaning up and selling the old house, cancelling things she doesn't need any more, and generally getting her affairs in order. Needless to say, it's been a rough start to the new year.

oof, good luck to your mom and family in the journey ahead sundown, may the journey be as full of joy and contentment as possible given the circumstances.

Sorry to hear that Sundown

f*ck cancer indeed.

So I had a bit of an ER scare with some scary symptoms earlier this month but turns it rather than new growth is was swelling due to radionecrosis.

At 35 I still should not expect to see 40, but I'm blessed and fortunate to be here and now and capable even this far in. We'll continue mri followups and make them sooner if there are more symptoms. The best news is from what we're seeing it is NOT unreasonable for me to start projects that may take months to complete (I'm coming for you OSCP! ) , or even to plan things a year down the road. Sure that's short for most people my age but it's a hell of a lot better than the mindsetmode I had gotten into knowing what that ER trip could have meant. Steroids to help with that swelling suck but I'm weaning off them now and will be free shortly, woo.

Overall life is great, my friends and family are amazing - I managed to find love again with a truly great match despite being at the end of life and some very good better job opportunities are opening up and likely to accept me. Sure swelling could still be a problem as could the cancer itself, but not today Cancer, not today.

So glad to hear you’ve gotten this positive news and you are able to thrive in the moment.

Sundown, at least you'll have that time with your mother. My cousin had a run-in with cancer, thought it was done, then was suddenly re-diagnosed with lung cancer out of the blue, and that was it. Declined in a matter of weeks. So treasure the time you have.

Krev, it's always good to see good news from you, and you know how I feel about your approach to life. A model to others. L'Chaim!

Krev that is great news! If you get stuck trying to wean off of the steroids Avastin can work wonders for the swelling from radionecrosis. I have a patient who had a pretty wicked case of it and a couple doses of Avastin allowed her to get off the steroids completely.

Oh here’s a reference:


krev82 wrote:

not today Cancer, not today.

Excellent words. Great to read your positive energy. It's contagious even through your typed words.

ArmEmbraceManHug.gif to you,buddy!

krev, I'm so happy that life is good for you now and I'm always so uplifted by your attitude. Thank you!!

Robear wrote:

Sundown, at least you'll have that time with your mother. My cousin had a run-in with cancer, thought it was done, then was suddenly re-diagnosed with lung cancer out of the blue, and that was it. Declined in a matter of weeks. So treasure the time you have.

Definitely trying to. We're even planning to do some things we used to do together later this year, like do a vacation trip to a location she really enjoyed in the past, or going to baseball games together.

I'm happy to see how things are going for you, even in the midst of a serious f* cancer situation. Keep going and keep us apprised!

For me, my F* cancer is for a friend of mine from HS. Her 14-year-old son had a tumor on his hip that he had removed, but apparently it either metastasized or another tumor appeared, this time pretty high up on his spinal cord. She says they're talking palliative care for him now, and she's freaking out (understandably, this is her 2nd oldest).

Just wish this sort of crap wouldn't happen.

My father in law just got diagnosed with prostate cancer. It seems localized, so the doctor is hopeful about being able to remove it all in surgery next month. My wife’s taking the news really hard because cancer is cancer and it doesn’t always play nice. It sucks. Hopefully there’s good news on the horizon.

One of my Godparents had a horrible experience last year, he was having some breathing problems and went to the doctor. They told him he was fine and sent him on his way. He didn’t get better, so he went back again, this time they did tests and told him he had lung cancer. He’s not a smoker or anything, but they guessed that it was from working in an aluminium factory most of his life.

Anyway, he was set to go for more tests just to confirm it, at which point another doctor said that he didn’t have cancer, instead he had some other disease that Just required medication and rest for a while. Both my Godparents were so relieved, so much so they decided to book a big holiday to Disneyworld, realising how precious their time together is.

Unfortunately, my Uncle was still bothered, things were not improving. He summoned up the courage to go to the doctor yet again, where they ran even more tests, and they said, yet again that he DOES have cancer. This time they were fairly certain, apparently the disease they claimed he had mimics cancer (sorry, I can’t remember the name of it!)

So my Godparents had to cancel their trip, losing most the money the spent on it. He started treatment with chemo last year.

Thankfully he’s in remission according to my mother, I haven’t been able to visit him at all because of his immune system being weak from all the chemo (I’ve currently got a virus), but he did manage to make a visit to see my parents.

If you’re ever unsure, always go back to the doctor, they’re usually right, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Thoughts and prayers to everyone in here dealing with this a-hole of a disease.

My grandmother is on hospice for her kidney cancer now. It's spread too far for them to do anything but draw out her suffering for a few months with chemo. She's elected to forego that and try to enjoy her remaining time.

My dad was just diagnosed with bladder cancer last week. Only one mass in the bladder, but he's already saying he'll just let it run its course. I'm sure that's just shock and depression talking but you never know with these things.

My own cancer seems to have come back. My tumor marker in my blood work last week was slightly elevated (normal is 0-3 and mine was 6.6). When I started treatment a few years ago my CEA was 140, so 6.6 isn't a huge deal, but it indicates something is growing again since my last two visits is was steady around 2. Had a follow up PET scan on Friday and they said the results should be posted by today at the latest. Nothing posted yet and I'm sitting here at work hitting refresh on the test results page every ten minutes.

F**k you, cancer.

f*ck cancer.

Wow bighoppa.... that's one thing after another...
Indeed, f*ck cancer

For fans of Kurzgesagt, I just saw this on reddit:

Dear Patrons,

Hi! I'm Philipp and founded Kurzgesagt five years ago. I write most of our scripts and choose our topics.

I want to let you know that there will be a drop in the frequency of videos in the next few months because I have cancer. Starting today I’ll be on leave for 3-5 months to deal with it. Hopefully it will be over after that.

We have a few things in the pipeline so at least for the next few weeks we should upload as much as usual. After that videos will be released as we finish them. It is impossible to say what exactly this means right now but we'll try to keep our pace if possible.

Thank you for supporting Kurzgesagt and the ideas it stands for. And sorry for beginning the week with news like that.


I never did update my last post, did I? The cancer was back, but still very very small. So, two weeks ago I had a procedure done to insert chemo beads directly into the tumor through my femoral artery. My wife and I found out we were pregnant two weeks before that. Last week we suffered a miscarriage at six weeks. It was very traumatic, but in the end we looked forward to being able to try again in a few weeks.

Today, my oncologist called to let me know he wasn't comfortable with just the embolization procedure we had just done and wanted to put me on another 6 months of chemo. Which also means we can't try for another baby until late next year, if at all. I'm thankful for the downtime I've had, and what I'm facing is nothing like what Doc Awk or Krev or anyone else has had to deal with. But this disease just takes over your life. Every time I turn around it's something else. It doesn't just eat your body. Even if you get cured it eats away the life life around you.

The chemo he wants to give me now (folfox?) is the stuff we tried first that made me super sick and didn't have much effect on the tumor at the time. My doc says we can't use the Iranotecan (which didn't make me sick and worked very well on my tumors) this time because that was the last thing we used, both long-term therapy-wise and in the embolization procedure with the chemo beads. So six months of really extreme nausea ahead. I really hope this gets all of it. Sorry for venting.

F*ck cancer directly in it's ear.

Ugh that sucks man, so sorry to hear it. Hopefully this will take care of things.

Have you tried olanzapine for the nausea? It has been a miracle for a lot of my patients who get nausea after chemo when the usual stuff doesn’t control it.

The give me Ondansetron and Prochloperazate (I think those are right). Dunno if either of those are generic names for olanzapine, but I'll mention it to my oncologist if I have trouble again this time. Thanks, Docjoe.

My grandmother passed away Monday morning due to complications from kidney cancer that had spread to her lungs.

My second round of chemo starts tomorrow morning.

F**k you, cancer.