My favorite peripheral is dying. Need replacement recommendations.

I have had an Ideazon Fang which after faithful service is dying after 6 years of ownership. This has by far added more to my gaming experiences than any other peripheral but as it has been discontinued I am having a hard time finding something to replace it. I especially loved the button layout. although I believe this has 42 buttons total, counting the frequently used buttons are a total of 25 in total for most FPS & RPG use. Suggestions for something like this to replace it would be more than appreciated.


What about something like a Belkin n52te or a Razer Nostromo? They don't have as many buttons, but you can map three sets.

I bought one on a woot sale and never really used it as it's not my thing. Keep meaning to sell it.

Neither of those have the same FPS-oriented butterfly WASD/EQ key layout that the Fang did. It's purely a vehicle for more comfortable WASD action gaming.

The Cyber Snipa, horrible name aside, is almost a clone of the Fang pad. I owned a Fang pad too and the Cyber Snipa is my modern replacement.

I hope bimbim comes back and sees this, because if he's trying to replace a Fang, the Cyber Snipa is exactly what he's looking for.

I know its a late reply (forgot where I posted this question lol) but how is the mapping software on the Snipa? thanks for replies btw. SNipa looks like an OK replacement. after running it through my head the button layout looks OK except im gonna miss the fang's side mounted thumb buttons and the 1-0 buttons looks like a funky layout but ya looks like a good option to replace my fang.