Formula 1 2012

Am I the only one playing this game in between sessions of Borderlands 2 and Madden 13? It really is a well done racing sim if you have an interest in F1 racing and I think multiplayer would be a hoot!



Pre-ordered a some days ago, but it only unlocked here at midnight last night, so haven't had a chance to fire it up. Planning a decent session this evening, and throughout the weekend while also watching the real race weekend in Singapore.

I played through the demo to get a feel for it. I watch all the F1 I can get in front of me, but this will be my first F1 based game in a long, long time. This meant it was difficult to follow the reviews, as they were all comparing the differences between 2011, and some cases 2010, which I have no experience of either, rather than just stating the qualities of this title. To be expected I suppose.

Looking forward to it, although it will probably be some time before I could even attempt to have a look at the multiplayer..

Do you play with a wheel or gamepad? I'll be gamepad to begin with, in case the game doesn't grab me as much as I'm hoping..

Sadly, I have it for the 360 and you got it on Steam. Maybe one day cross-platform playing will be commonplace, but today is not yet that day.

Ahh. well, it'd still be nice to be able to chat about the game to someone. I don't know many people that are into both gaming, and F1.

Only had the chance to go through the (slightly tiresome) Young Driver Test and complete my first race. Shows how long it's been since I played a racing game as I found it very difficult, even on easy with the driving assists. Still, I tend to stick at something until i can do it, so I'm sure after a few races I'll start to see that change.

It was quite intense, finished a whopping 22nd in qualifying, but finished 14th in the race, 25% distance. Enjoying it immensly so far.

is it just me, or is there no way to retire from a race? If I suffer engine failure or some such, I want to be a DNF, not restart the race/use aflashback so I can carry on.

Also, do the AI never fail to finish a race!?

Quite immersion-breaking..

I joined a 360 racing league called Apex Racing Series. Sunday nights at 9:00 EST. There might be a spot left. The 10 week season starts in a couple weeks we practice and learn the game. I'm a little inconsistent myself, so we'll see how well this goes. On Intermediate difficulty I finished 18th in Melbourne and in 2nd in Malaysia. My goal is to be more consistent than Maldonado.

I have F1 2010 and I really loved it. I think I might want to grab the new one soon. My BDay is coming up so I'm hoping to get some GCs from peeps.

Although F1 2012 is a sports game this thread may get a bit more traction in the gaming forum.

Last F1 game I played was 2001, been tempted to jump back in since 2010, yet never have. Still tempted to get 2010 thanks to it being super cheap now. If one isn't likely to be doing any MP what are the benefits of 2012 over an older version.