ultra book in europe

hey all,

So im finishing my last semester as a college student studying abroad in Switzerland. I don't have a laptop of my own so my school provided me one from their library. problem is, this laptop is unbelievably slow. it requires 20 min to boot up and freezes for 2 minutes at a time unexpectedly.

This led me to decide to want to buy a new ultra book. Problem with that is getting it over here. I looked at getting this one http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item_upsell.asp?EdpNo=4844460&msg= but it costs 120$ for shipping and they want another 20$ for a wire transfer since they don't use credit cards for over seas orders, which, puts it out of my budget.

I know it seems pretty hopeless, but does anyone have some creative ideas for me?

What's your budget & what are you studying?

650 and music performance. Most of my classes this semester are gen ed though

I wanted to see if there was anyplace local I could find for you (at least online) that wouldn't gouge you on shipping, and with a quick search I ended up at pcp.ch.

I would tell you that an ultrabook at that price is going to be rough (state-side, you are looking at around $1k), and for a generally non-upgradeable system, I can't say I'd recommend one. I would advise you to consider potentially buying either just a solidly built laptop, or perhaps a used MacBook Pro. Whatever you end up with, though, you should definitely spend some time reading reviews (notebookreviews.com, etc).

You can get a good quality machine for that price, it just might take a little bit of hunting. I would highly recommend taking your time on this purchase, as it sounds like you are going to be using this machine for a few years, and low build-quality, etc, can be avoided if you tread carefully.

I hope that helps. Feel free to ask about specific machines, if you like. I'm sure I won't be the only one that answers you.

Also, I'd consider asking this question over in the Time for a new laptop thread.