Cycling, PC and PS3. The quest for a wireless headset.

Winter is fast approaching and that means I'll be doing most, if not all of my cycling inside on the trainer. I've found that watching Breaking Bad on the PC Netflix is a good cure for boredom while I do that. My problem is that, although I have a very quiet trainer, I still have to turn up the volume and some of the low speech gets a little lost. I'm hoping someone here can recommend me a good Wireless headset, or even a wired headset (with at least 12 feet of cord) that meets the following criteria.

1) It shouldn't completely cover my ears, turning them into a sweaty mess. Ideally they wouldn't have a big wide head/neckband.
2) They need to work with PS3 and PC, and I'd prefer if they came with a bluetooth dongle for the PC.

That's it. I've looked at most every website I can think of and other than some of the really high end plantronics stuff and some stuff that seemed phone specific, I've drawn a blank. Help!?

Well, I don't have a good recommendation for that, unfortunately. Wireless audio is a bit of a crapshow, especially in the bluetooth department. The whole point of bluetooth is to require very little power. Therefore, the audio quality is pretty bad.

If you can't find anything good, I use Sony NWZW262MEB Walkman MP3 player for running. They're great for listening to podcasts. I can't do cords. This is just one device that I can throw a podcast on put on in two seconds and be on my way. They're practically waterproof and get an hour charge in 5 minutes. Anyways, it's a great way to at least listen to podcasts and music. Too bad they don't make some sort of bluetooth wirless headphone version. That would be write up your alley.

Anyways, good luck with your quest!

Edit: Something like this JLAB thing might work. You're gonna make sacrifices, though. It's not particularly expensive, though, so it might be worth trying.

I've had extensive experience having gone through several bluetooth head sets (Jabra, Plantronics, Nokia) over the last 4 years. I hate wired earphones being a cyclist/gym goer/father with small babies and coupled with having dislocated both my shoulders in a previous life that make it painful for me to hole a phone to my ear I needed a set of bluetooth headphones for my phone at least. The only one I would recommend is the MW600. The advantages this has over any other set I've had are these.

  1. Battery life. The main body is basically a battery with a few electronics strapped onto it. All other headsets die very quickly where as I still get a full day out of my two year old set.
  2. Properly switch between three separate devices. Trust me on this one, all the other headset I've used do not handle this well or do it by dropping the audio quality. I personally switch between my iPhone, my Macbook and my PC. All works just fine on the MW600 and in stereo.
  3. You can replace the earphones. They are completely optional and any earphones can be added. I've got one pair for the gym/workout and the default set for elsewhere.
  4. FM Radio. You can take this or leave it but I listen to the radio quite a bit and it beats streaming it over an app IMO.

I might add that its from Sony Ericsson and the manual specifically states that it works with a PS3 to the point of having a special little logo for it on the selection screen.

Sheared selected the same set in this thread where I proceeded to gush there as well. If there is a better set, I really would love to hear about it as I use them so much but I've yet to find them.