Calendar Plugin For Website

Any of you web gurus out there have a suggestion for a quick and easy way to add a calendar of events to a website?

In particular I'm looking to add a calendar to the left column of this page. I'm looking for something similar to the "Happening Soon" section on this example site

I've found two possible add ons (localendar and keepandshare), but am wondering if I'm missing an easier solution.


What format is your calendar?
If it can feed into a Google Apps account then this setup may work for you:

We'll be creating a new calendar for this, so existing format isn't an issue. We do use Google Apps though, that's where most of our current calendar stuff is.

I'm actually playing around with embedding the Google Calendar now, but when you make it small enough to fit into the left column (roughly 200x200 pixels) the events either don't show up at all, or show up unreadable. I may end up needing to move the calendar into the right column and rearrange things.

If the localendar thing wasn't quite so wonky with the formatting, it would work. It shades the date on the mini calendar if there's an event, then gives you a pop up if you click that date. Unfortunately the colors are impossible to work with, dropping back to a default which looks bad in Firefox, and is literally invisible in IE. Here's my test workup so far:

Switch the calendar to agenda view in the settings!
That will use a list format like in the example.

Edit: At least in the pixel limited areas.

Good suggestion. Gave that a shot, but the event titles get truncated when they exceed the limited pixel area. Looks like I'm either going to need to move the Google Calendar into the main column, or give the web developer a call and turn him loose on it.