Dispute over territory in the East China Sea

Of all the hot spots in the world, the disputed area surrounding China and other Asian countries worries me. China has been making some provocative moves of its own and threatening other countries when they move to assert what those countries also consider to be their proper claim.

China has been spending a large percentage of their budget on their military and has a surplus of young males. They also wish to be a major world power and traditionally, world powers tend to try to push others around.

The US is not directly involved, but I could see us being pulled into a conflict if our allies are attacked.

What should we do?

For instance, China is warning Japan regarding the purchase of several islands, from Japanese citizens, in a disputed area.


The UN is useless. What options do the smaller countries have in this region?

This is why the US has moved much of its military resources into the region lately. Cold War II: Cold Harder comes.

Protests in China about the disputed islands. It sounds like this has nothing to do with land. It's all about what's under the ocean and who can claim the energy reserves.

The interesting thing here is that Japan and China are huge trading partners. So it's odd to see a lot of posturing when business leaders in both countries must be wanting to just keep the trade going.


Looks like they could use an intervention. Perhaps there's a place nearby where some mediation may be found.


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