Verizon can no longer charge for tethering.

This news is a couple months old but I couldn't find any Goodjers talking about it. I think it's note worthy.

It makes me wonder: Is this the end of 3g/4g tablets and other devices?
If everything can connect to your phone why spend the extra money on 3/4g device plus the extra monthly few?
Is everyone else going to start offering this? I know Verizon was forced but now it's their new feature.
Are they going to slow your connection when you are tethered?

It doesn't really matter now that they have changed their plans to all devices share one data pool. (Which sucks)

Well, that was always the fair way to do it -- you get X bandwidth per month, use it any way you want.

With wired networking, they should sell it based on speed, not capacity... caps are just a way to sell you something (big bandwidth numbers) without having to actually provide it. Bandwidth is potentially infinite, and the only reason for caps is because the ISPs don't want to pay for enough bandwidth to actually provide what they're claiming to provide.

But wireless is different; there's only so much bandwidth running through the air. You can't run more air like you can run more wires. That said, in other countries, they don't seem to have any problem providing a great deal more bandwidth than you can get in the US, so there's certainly a large amount of profiteering going on here.