That which has been seen/Vasectomy Snip-all


Mine was literally done in an office. Not a hospital or anything like that. I had a similar moment of “wait, this is all there is to it. It feels like this should be more high tech.”

My doctor assured me that even though the advertising had the option of being conscious, it's not a *comfortable* or pleasant thing, and I'm sorry yours didn't do that same. (Also, my doc had a history of men going bugf*ck crazy on him for doing things they'd asked to have done... Really, people, exactly how do you think that stent is going to come out of your kidney? So maybe he was protecting himself too...)

Tried to schedule mine after our baby in Sept and can't get in until Jan.

Didn't want to jinx something with the baby by scheduling it ahead of time. But it would have been nice to get it done while on paternity leave already. Had no idea how busy the schedules would be around here.

So... next year.

Eh, I was awake for mine and it wasfine, but I get that is not for everyone.

Also, yeah apparently it's like an Xmas gift every year and they are booked half of Nov and all of Dec if you don't get in early enough.

Mine was awake, but I specifically requested to lie down to keep the action out of my eyeline.

It was pretty damn uncomfortable for 10-20 minutes, but nothing gritted teeth and the occasional grunt couldn't handle.

For anyone who find this thread and is seeking out this procedure, I really highly recommend looking at no-scalpel options.

Mine was done in an office setting, basically reclined, with a medical sheet covering the business end of things while being administered a local anesthetic. The doctor I went to exclusively did no-scalpel operations, and I can't imagine it being done another way. It was still painful and uncomfortable for a few days, but anecdotally hearing from fellow men who have been snipped and from the men in this thread, being actually cut open sounds way way more uncomfortable.

I will second the no-scalpel procedures. From the time I laid down, to the time I got up to head for a 15-minute wait in the waiting room, was about 10 minutes. No stitches, no pain, no soreness at all.

I too probably didn't mentally prepare myself enough for the day, thinking about other minor surgeries that I wasn't the least bit squeamish for, and then I started to freak myself out the day of.

I sometimes wonder if I hadn't said "sure" to the offer of the Ativan if I would have bailed right before the surgery, because there was certainly a short gap before the Ativan kicked in where my mental state quickly moved from "Oh god, I'm letting someone cut into my balls! This is the dumbest idea in the world!" to "Oh, I guess he's cutting into my balls right now. I feel great."

You know, now that you mention it, when I was doing some anxious "what to do before vasectomy" googling in the days leading up to it, I saw several lists that included "take the anxiety medication your doctor offered you." I received no such offer! Oh well.

It was uncomfortable and a bit worrying, but it wasn't painful (during the procedure, anyway), as uncomfortable as a dental cleaning, but made a little more anxiety-inducing by knowing that someone is cutting into your junk. I wouldn't tell anyone not to do it--one of the things that scared me most about conceiving our third baby was the "what if it's twins" scenario, which would've been rough!, and since then the thought that I might somehow make some kind of mistake that would lead to a fourth kid is a concern I'm glad I can eliminate. But knowing what I know now I would've at least asked about anti-anxiety meds, and probably also might have asked about other ways of doing the procedure, tho here in Vermont we're not exactly awash in healthcare providers, I'm skeptical I would have had an in-network alternative that would've made sense to pursue.

Same experience here with the no-scalpel option. My doctor gave me a monster valium to take 30 minutes before arrival, so I was feeling no pain in there.

I wasn't really sore until about 36 hours later, though. Luckily, my older brother had the same experience and told me not to take all the pain medicine up-front.

In general, no big deal, but a little awkward here and there.

You all are reminding me I still need to get this done.

And I'm also laughing (on the inside) about how a couple incisions have us freaking out (me too) when the mothers of our children basically Captain America'd Thanos to give birth. Sometimes more than once.

The difference in surgeries (Men - 10 minutes, out patient, have some advil and a bag of frozen peas; Women - Major, invasive surgery) is why when we were done having kids, it was a pretty easy decision for me.

mudbunny wrote:

The difference in surgeries (Men - 10 minutes, out patient, have some advil and a bag of frozen peas; Women - Major, invasive surgery) is why when we were done having kids, it was a pretty easy decision for me.

For me, considering my wife was pregnant for nine months and seeing her body go through rough changes, along with her being on BC for years and her not really enjoying taking it for various reasons... yeah the least I could do and the least us men can do is an uncomfortable 30 minute procedure and a couple days rest. We got it easier, gentlemen.