Fighting Game Catch-All

Jump Force has Rukia!
I think I also that Toguru? guy from Yu Yu Hakusho.

I just got Soul Caliber VI for my birthday! Let's see what's new since I dipped my toes into IV on the 360. I skipped 3 too; it seems I'm destined to just hit the even-numbered installments.

OK, the costumes on the ladies have gotten more ridiculous, especially on some of the ones who weren't especially sexxed up before. Fortunately that's easy enough to fix with the character customization. And the default outfit bits actually look good when they're accessories to armor and other sensible fighting outfits rather than highlights for gratuitous under-boob.

Gameplay seems pretty good. Most of my muscle memory is working for the basics.

Holy crap, the single player story is awful. Like, badly written I can forgive. I enjoyed the Street Fighter V campaign just fine and that story was garbage. But this is slow, there's too much of it, and worst of all it's doing a really bad job of setting up interesting fights. Making me sit through 8 minutes of inane conversation between Killik and Sophitia is bad enough, but at least have them spar afterwards so I can have some gameplay. And don't put fights in your still-images-and-audio cut scene when this is a friggin' fighting game.

The custom character map-based story looks more promising, but I dunno if I'll be in the mood to fool with it.

SC6 is great, one of the best in a long time, but you're right, the single player modes are atrociously bad. I don't really buy fighting games for their single-player parts, but this one really sets a new level for badly written dialogue.

As for the rest of it, I took a break from it to dive into some other stuff, but I was having a blast after not having played a Soulcalibur game since II. They've done a lot of patching and balance work since release and frankly, their patch notes are some of the best I've ever read. Now if they'd just be like NRS and make frame data available in-game...

Anyone picking up MK 11? Hoping to hear reviews from some of you. I haven't played an MK game since the one where weapons were introduced so its been a looooong while.

I also suck at fighting games

I intend to. The last MK I played was the... reboot but not one? But I also played both Injustices. I likewise suck at fighting games, but Injustice 2 was so much about collecting gear and, well, dressing up my characters and making loadouts and enjoying their personalities, which is much more my alley. It also had an AI fighter thing, so if you got stuck on a fight you could let the computer bash its head against that wall until it won. Furthermore, I'm embarrassed by how hype that launch trailer is. It starts up and I laugh because "'Test Your Might,' what camp crap! Ah, the 90s," and then transitions almost instantly to "YO, 'TEST YOUR MIGHT,' OOO sh*t!"

Yep, preordered 'n errything this time around (I'm not a preorder guy usually). I spent a chunk of time yesterday after work labbing and checking out some of the characters. So far so good.

The AI fighter thing is still in there but I haven't tried it out yet.

There appears to be a LOT of grinding in store for progression, especially since Krypt chest contents are now randomized (which they weren't in MKX). In other words, it's going to be hard to focus on getting swag for any specific character without spending koins on their custom towers (which I also haven't tried yet).

Side note: Duuuuuuuuude, that trailer. I actually got a little bit teary when the music kicked up.

Picked it up and spent a few hours yesterday going through the tutorials...holy sh!t are they comprehensive. Juggling, frames, defense etc etc. A lot to get my ahead around but it was a fun learning experience.

Are there any characters that are a bit more friendly to beginners and/or button mashers? I'm working through the character specific section of the tutorial and really like Kollector, but from what I've read he seems to be a bit more specialized than others.

Be aware, there are some super crazy hard sections of the tutorial that I'm hoping they retune in the future, mostly related to the new Flawless block mechanic. You'll know them when you get to them. Otherwise those tutorials really are great.

I'm still wrapping my head around the characters but Liu Kang in general has really good buttons and is very straightforward and similar to previous iterations. Might be a good starting point.

Not only are the tutorials comprehensive, they do the thing that is mindbogglingly rare--give you quality feedback. You can see what buttons the game thinks you're hitting, and for combos you can see how much time you have for the next input, when it misses, and the game offers suggestions on what you might be doing wrong. This is such basic ass instructional design, it's staggering that it's remarkable, but here we are.

I'm also exploring characters, but I'll agree on Liu Kang. He's pretty direct, and most of his main moves use the same motions. A lot of the characters feel very familiar, in an elegant way--I'm pretty sure if 11 year old me fell through time, he'd still be pretty good with Scorpion and Sub-Zero.

Finished story mode, it is great. Fun seeing which past and future selves get along in which ways, it's goofy and ridiculous and awesome in the exact way that launch trailer is. The game looks amazing, technically and design-wise.

The Towers of Time, I heard and hope, are getting adjusted. I ran an entire group where each modifier was essentially "Can you deal with an 'Eat sh*t' attack at random?" and a boss with a trait that seemed basically unbeatable.

Early read on characters new to me: Cassie is hilarious, Jacqui is awesome, Erron Black might be a challenge, Kotal is not a type I usually gel with, Frost seems cool, and I haven't made it to the others yet.

Speaking of the tutorials, there is one in the Advanced section where as Geras you have to do a jump-in A, then stagger 3 X normals in before your opponent hits the ground. The visual part of the demo is broken, such that your character doesn't do the follow-up Xs properly, but the sound effects as you watch the button presses are actually timed correctly. I had a bear of a time with it and Googled it, finding a suggestion to do the last part of it with your eyes closed with the same timing as the button sound effects. It sounds pretty silly, but I did it on the third try using that method.

I ran through an entire tower segment last night myself and was a bit surprised at first at how tough it was, even on medium difficulty... though to be fair, I'm pretty rusty still. I think they're really trying to encourage consistent use of konsumables, so don't be afraid to burn them.

I've been playing Cetrion almost exclusively trying to get her down, but I've been watching a lot of gameplay trying to get a feel for other characters. Thoughts on em:

--The animations for Raiden and Johnny Cage seem odd in a way I can't put my finger on.
--Kollector seems very good, very oppressive on offense.
--Jacqui seems much better than MKX.
--I have a feeling Jax will end up being top tier.
--I like Shao Khan enough that he might end up being a second main.
--I haven't unlocked Frost yet but I'm intrigued. I tend to gravitate to unconventional/tricky characters.

Jow wrote:

Be aware, there are some super crazy hard sections of the tutorial that I'm hoping they retune in the future, mostly related to the new Flawless block mechanic. You'll know them when you get to them. Otherwise those tutorials really are great.

I'm still wrapping my head around the characters but Liu Kang in general has really good buttons and is very straightforward and similar to previous iterations. Might be a good starting point.

Somehow I got through the Flawless block mechanic pretty quickly. The part that made me want to throw the controller and rage had to do with the chain involving Stop Special or whatever. Probably tried 100+ times and couldn't do it.

Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated.

The Flawless block one I had a particular issue with was one where you had to flawless block the third hit of a string where there was no gap between the third and fourth hits. The mechanic was primarily designed to allow high-level players to exploit gaps in strings and decrease chip damage from projectiles, so having a string with no gaps in a tutorial about Flawless Block is super annoying imo.

For that one... I own an Elite controller, which comes with detachable paddles you can bind to any function. To get past this, I ended up having to attach both paddles on one side, bind them to 'Up' and 'Y' respectively, then hold the controller sideways (in a way you would never use during actual play) to allow me to Flawless Block and hit both paddles with the instant timing you needed to get the FBA to go off in time. Ridic.

Any great names anyone's come up with? It feels like all my Johnnys should be named for undeserving Oscar wins and my Erron Black's will be the Three Amigos, but my own best terrible pun names--Gorepion, Main-O, and Smax--can't stand up to the one that showed up on a Giant Bomb stream yesterday: Kaballin'

Do I spend $41 dollars to finish up my Street Fighter collection on the PC...

I mean, I should probably snag the third character pack for SFV because I don't have it and it'll probably be at least a year before it gets cheaper than this.

But I also kinda want the Anniversary collection even though I already snagged it on the Switch. I don't really want to double-dip, but these games are so much better with my SF4 360 controllers...

Don't give "kaballin'" too much credit - that was one of the variations in the beta. Heh.

Jow wrote:

Don't give "kaballin'" too much credit - that was one of the variations in the beta. Heh.

That is heartening, because I came up with one that might be the absolute worst: Pwnya.

Yeah that's bad.

Meanwhile, I made a variation of Shao Kahn giving him 3 total projectile attacks. As a placeholder until I came up with something better, I tried to name it Tosser, which got rejected as "potentially offensive". Baha.

I called mine "Hammer Time." Man, I'm having trouble with SK online. His start ups are so slow. His rang is great, which, I dunno makes sense, but I feel like I want to get close and womp people with him.

Oh, who's on PS4 and wants to practice together?

Unfortunately I'm on Xbone, otherwise I would.

I got my first real in-person vs. play over the weekend playing Cetrion vs. Noob. Cetrion is interesting but not great, with a ton of tools, none of which really excels. Her main projectile (the rock) has a really slow startup so you're not gonna be using it as a primary zoning tool. None of her specials is safe enough to cancel into, so if you're going to cancel into anything it's her DB1 Wall that's -15 on block but has enough pushback to make that a non-issue. Woo (?). Her damage also isn't great - she only breaks 30% combo damage after following up her 213 Krushing Blow (which your opponent can just air escape to defuse anyway).

I'm not giving up on her yet, but she needs some help.

Naive Me started up a MK 11 custom friends list on PSN to slot in folks who want to practice stress free in a custom room. So far only have a few randos from Discord so pls PM me if this interests you at all.

I’m currently trying to main Cetrion and going through a shortlist of co-main candidates: Sub-Zero, Lui Kang and Sonya.

Which Cet variation are you playing?

Spring Cleaning but mostly because I watched Dragon use it and got stars in my eyes. I do have trouble swapping between the boulder and ground smash game effectively with Force of Nature so that’s also part of it.

Flappy Fighter is the best fighting game that's come out in the last 2 weeks.

Don't @ me.

Flappy wins... always.

Flappy Fighter main stage EVO 2020. Hell, do it for 2019 and just boot out one of these undeserving games.

MK11 has amazing graphics, some of the best on the One. That said, woof - some of those fatalities are GRUESOME. A bit too much, really.

Got Samurai SHodown today. PS4. Man, it's interesting. Reminds me more of Bushido Blade than anything else.

It's this unusual mix of slow walking speed with lots of waiting to strike, but then big damage if something lands. I'm still getting used to the supers and resource management, but the theme seems to be 'You can do this thing that's really dangerous, but once it's gone it's gone for this entire match'.

Suspect it would be a good title for people that played fighthing games back in the day, but couldn't keep up with the recent SF series (the only other title that could be the same is Fantasy Strike, but I've not played it yet).

Did someone say Bushido Blade?

Looks like I'm going to have to check this one out!

Yep. I never got to play BB when it was first released, but during the PS3 era I bought two copies on eBay* and played them a bit, mainly solo. I really liked the concept ; it's a shame that I never got to experience it as a game against knowledgeable players.

*In case one got damaged, I wanted a spare.