Fighting Game Catch-All

It is quite a cool game and even cooler to look at in motion. I think because of the amped up speed and juggling of three fighters I've had a hard time really getting into it.

Y'all have me considering double dipping DBFZ just to be able to play with another crew of people.

Been having a great time with friends on it on the Xbox.

The Turtles are out for Injustice 2. I've played their tutorials, and I'm hardly an expert, and furthermore not to overhype them, but they might be the greatest addition to a game ever.

Speaking of tutorials and Injustice 2, playing Dissidia (which I do quite enjoy) really emphasizes that as lacking as Injustice 2's tutorial is as a teaching tool, it far exceeds its peers by virtue of the fact that it exists.

I was playing around in the Turtles frame data figuring out some stuff last night and had the same thought about frame data. Are there any other fighting games that provide frame data to the degree that Netherrealm does?