Madden 13 Coach League

It was like that for me too. When a player is in the last year of their contact, the money is dumped into the salary cap available.

I had 5 players I had to resign...did it with three, told the other two take the offer or walk. Doesnt bother me, lol.

I am negotiating with Brees. Jackass wants more money than he made last year. The nerve of some people!

Brees signs his new contract and then dismantles Green Bay's secondary. Saints prevail 31-6 as "discount doublecheck" celebrations in Green Bay tonight.

Do we want to keep this league going? There doesn't seem to be any real conversation per se. I get the feeling this is pretty much on life support as it currently is.


I'll keep playing games as long as they keep coming, but if others aren't into it I'm fine with it stopping.

I think a big reason for not so much posting on here is because of tge in game twitter and news feed. So anything we would have posted on here about trades and such we get as soon as we sign in. I have been slow in getting my games in dorry about slowing down the pace of the league.

You better be sorry.

I know you all fear my Lions. And I fear willie and his nightcrawler connection

There was never really much chat on here anyway apart from free agent pick ups and trades. If you want I will try and report on my games after the fact. Only time for banter is after Zell has beat me again but I'm getting so close!

so I got on to play my game and saw that it was already I don't know if I played it before and its been so long since I can't remember or I did it in my sleep either way wondering when are we going to advance

onewild wrote:

There was never really much chat on here anyway apart from free agent pick ups and trades. If you want I will try and report on my games after the fact. Only time for banter is after Zell has beat me again but I'm getting so close!

LOL...yeah you are. You traded your old veteran team for a bunch of young bloods...and I traded away Tebow time for an old geezer who uses a football with the precision of a surgeon...we should play a pick up game with two bad teams and see what happens. Maybe the Browns and the Jags or something like interesting to see what calls we would have to dream up to get a win.

As for the conversation, I stopped posting because of the twitter feeds. You can access it if you want, but I am cool with posting my own recaps if everyone would like...I can even do a next week analysis on player/important games on the weekends if it would allow everyone to enjoy it more.

not sure if anyone noticed but the league is rolled. We are in Week 5. If you ready up, give it a second and it will tell you if the league rolled. If it does, please come on here and let everyone know

this week the 49ers face off against the bills.

Texans 42 Jets 17

Schaub 16/25 136 Yds 2 TDS 2 INTS
Foster 31 Att 220 Yds 2 TDS

Sanchez 14/25 131 Yds 2 TDS 4 INTS
Greene 16 Att 73 Yds

Once again the Texans go to the ground to see off the Jets, although the scoring was tight right until the last moments of the 1st half, when, with the scores locked at 7-7 (Texans scoring off a 65 yard run from Foster) Sanchez thrown an interception, which lead to another Foster TD. Following another interception, Texans scored again to make it 21-7. The Jets were left playing catch up and never got back into the game as Foster and Tate rammed the ball down their thoat time and time again for a total of 262 yards on the ground. With time all but up the Jets score with 1 second left on the clock to make it 35-17, only to see Martin return the ball for a 98 yard kick off return.

Saints showed up to play, Chargers did not. Result: Saints roll 51-7. I really wasn't trying to run the score up, but I kept breaking runs for 20-30 yards and my wide outs kept getting wide open. I ended up running for about 150 and passing for about 350. Not a bad days outing. I know next week is my bye week, so see everyone once the league rolls twice.

I hate bye weeks...

My game was a story of two halves.

The 1st half was brutal. Couldn't run, couldn't pass and threw 2 ridiculous picks. I was leading 6-0 with a little over a minute to go when Dalton threw what should have probably been pick number 3, but the ball miraculously went through 3 defenders into Sanu's hands, who managed to tight rope the sidelline all the way for a 61 yard TD. Halftime score, 13-0 Bengals.

In the second half I finally got my running game going. BJGE and Scott combined for 140 yards on 35 carries, helping march into the redzone time after time. AJ Green had 7 catches for 77 yards, including a nifty little one-handed TD grab.

The real MVP today was my defense though, holding Miami to 126 yards of total offense. They got good pressure throughout the entire game causing 6 deflected passes, 4 sacks and 4 turnovers. There were also several dropped passes on 3rd downs caused by big hits from the safeties. Final score 33-0 Bengals.

And, since it's October, my coach wore a hot pink suit and black tie for the entire game, because he's classy.

Ihaida when would you be able to play our game this week.

I am getting the game tomorrow, got room for one more?

Bill Bonney wrote:

I am getting the game tomorrow, got room for one more?

yep...just log in and pick a team.

I actually just grabbed this game this week (Go Toys R Us buy 1 get 1 40% off deal!) . Can we just join in mid season and pick a team? I honestly have never played any franchise/dynasty mode in a madden game as I prefer to just play random games against the CPU, so I'll probably break something, but willing to give it a shot.

yep...just pick a team and join will fire the head coach and put you in...make sure you start a new coach. Also, watch out...salary cap is on, so check FA pick ups.

This might seem like a dumb question but is there a way to access league stuff online like you could do in 12 and 13?

to be honest, I havent tried

Willi, zell, ihaida......lets goooooooooo

Zell if you need to go ahead and sim my game to advance the week.

I will call Ihaida later to see whats up.,


and since I have a bye, I already clicked ready for next week.

Detroit rolls.

Green Bay 6 Texans 20

Schaub 14/21 158 Yds 0 TDs 3 INTs 1 Rushing TD
Foster 27 Att 88 Yds 0 TDs
Johnson 5 Recs 70 Yds 0 TDs

A hard fought victory for the Texans, with only 2 TDs, all over points coming from the boots of the kickers. The defence is on form as they sack Rogers 4 times and restrict him to just 176 yards. However the Packers D is also on form, with 3 INTs, in the end the diffence proved to be the Texans alibity to get the ball into the Red Zone and come away with 2 short range rushing TDs.