Madden 13 Coach League

Showing that this truly is fantasy football, the I played my game against the Redskins and prevailed 47-3. The Saints D showed up like they never have so far in real life. It was a rare game where everything just kind of worked. Doubt it will happen again.

Game is done. I got hosed.

My offline save has a higher game speed so the adjustment period is rough switching from one to the other. So I wasn't playing great to start, but I managed to have an 11 point lead going into the 4th. Cue Joe Flacco Hero Mode.

Their first drive of the 4th is capped off by an amazing leaping grab by Torrey Smith between triple coverage. They convert for 2pts, so now I'm up 3.

I make a stupid audible and throw a pick, they finish the drive with a TD and go up 4 with around 2 minute to go. Plenty of time.

I move the ball into the red zone looking to take the lead. AJ Green makes a catch on a crossing route at the goaline, gets destroyed and drops the ball, not onto the ground though, onto his body, where it is picked up for an interception. Ravens ball with 1:30 left at their own 2 yard line.

I still have all my timeouts and my defense was playing pretty stout when not giving up ridiculous bombs, so I'm able to force a punt with about a minute left.

Brandon Tate fields the punt around mid field, I've still got a chance. Tate is able to gain about 5 yards before fumbling the ball directly into the hands of his tackler. They come out in victory formation and I lose 21-17.

I didn't deserve to win, but I probably should have.

I'm ready to advance.

ouch to the least you werent giving up long plays. I think 3 of Pitts scores in my game were for at least 60 or more yards. One of them was a rush, which stings worse. Still...Broncos win 31-25. Pitt is a tough team. I had them on a 4-22, thought...this should be easy to cover. Then the rapist threw to brown, who torched me for 88 yards and a*t. Oh injuries and a W for the first week. I'll take it.

Wait you played the Steelers and there was no season ending injuries? that's not right.
I win my game despite throwing around 4 ints, opps.

7th time was the charm apparently!!!

Lions win.

It seems all games are in, when do we roll?

if everyone marks themselves as ready it will auto roll

willhouse4078 wrote:

if everyone marks themselves as ready it will auto roll


League is da rolled. Deadline is monday. Will force roll it after MNF if all games havent been completed by then.

Bills have a lot of players on the block...seeking all offers.

HansomB1derful wrote:

My offline save has a higher game speed so the adjustment period is rough switching from one to the other.

Same happened to me but luckily I I noticed it in the practice mode,

Might look into Crabtree...might

Sorry for the delay. I'll play my game this evening.

How are we doing free agents again?

I was thinking of picking up a return specialist and wasn't sure if I had to post the name/names here.

Either Joe McKnight or Taurane Somethingorother.

Since we have salary cap, you can do whatever you want! pick up whoever you need, whenever you need...Salary caps keep us from getting overzealous.

Willie slapped me around the field and then we lost connection with 20 seconds left. I turned my game over to sim so he can beat up the ai

49ers win. also league rolled already

Congrats jerk

Your AI performed a lot better then the game yesterday. Was 10-10 going into halftime and a lot less turnovers and no major injuries.

The injury thing makes me happy. I think the lag was causing my trajectory to be off because offline, he makes those throws.

Lions bounce back and smack the Titans in the face. Detroit is ready!

Hm...I went to play and realized I couldnt. It seems I am missing a Onewild to play. Mr UK...when we gonna play?

I can do any night but tonight really. Working early tomorrow but lates on thursday and Friday. Just till 9 my time.

Friday at 8pm Eastern time zone? My car is in the shop, so I wont be home til late tomorrow and Thursday is Steelers vs Titans...want to watch that one. So Friday would be the earliest for me.

Yeah that works for me. Will be sure to have a bit of a nap before the game, got to be top shape for the highlight of the season

Saints won fairly handily this week against the hapless Chiefs. Looking at the scores, it looks like a lot of teams are running up the scores this week!

I think I ran the ball 20 times in the second half. Even Bobby Rainey took a 3rd and long screen pass to the house :p

Roughing the passer bullsh*t call! other than that good game. Seems our QBs prefered to throw to the defence than their own players.

NO FREAKIN KIDDIN! Both the QBs threw 5ints. Jumpin Jesus Christ.....and yeah, if you hadnt had that last minute Roughing the passer call, it would have been some OT happening in Denver. I swear though...if I had a dollar for everytime Gaffney and Decker dropped an open pass, I would own two NFL teams. Anyway...good game as always sir onewild, lol.

49ers beat the Vikings 34-13. I was able to really keep control thanks to the running game and all 13 of the Vikings points came from turnovers. 1 fumble returned for a TD and 1 fumble and 1 pick resulting in FG's. Either way league rolled.

Is anyone else having to completely resign virtually their entire roster?

I noticed I had around $60 million in cap space, which is a little weird. Now, the past two weeks, I've been prompted to negotiate with 7 or 8 different players, all starters.

Is this a glitch with online leagues or are the Bengals just playing it really loose with their teams defensive future?