Classic Adventure Gaming on Jailbroken iPad

Does anyone have any experience getting old adventure games to run on jailbroken iPads? I've been thinking about trying to get ScummVM and iDOS or DOSpad running some old LucasArts and Sierra games on my iPad 1.

My iPad is feeling a little creaky lately and I'm also a little miffed at being left behind with the next iOS update, so I've been looking for an excuse to jailbreak. That process seems pretty straightforward.

I'm just wondering if anyone knows if the iPad makes a good gaming device for the old pointy-clicky adventure games using emulation.

Disclaimer: I own all of these games from previous purchases and have most of them running in ScummVM or DOSbox in Windows. They're kinda perma-installs that I always keep meaning to get around to playing again but never seem to have the time.