Paralympic London 2012

So the Olympics was a while ago and now the Paralympics are taking centre stage. Now considering how rubbish US coverage was of the Olympics, it would suprise me if you are getting any of this over there but over here in Britain we are getting some great coverage.

First off I think it is fair to say this is a watershed moment for the Paralympics, with sold out stadiums and areas for most of the events, brilliant to see these athletes get the coverage they deserve. Think it proves just how much us Brits love our sports, no matter what they are.

Some great talking points tonight, first off a great 5000m gold medal for David Weir, with a roar that was equal to anything Farah got. Earlier in the evening Oscar Pistorius was beaten, the poster boy of the games. He then went on to complain about the guy who beat him straight after the race, came across as abit of sore loser and I thought it really spoilt the moment for Alan Oliveira who then had to answer questions about Pistorius complaints instead of being allowed to enjoy the moment.

I don't think Pistorious should be able to enter both Games. It seems wrong, somehow.

The athlete from Djibouti who finished his 1500m heat 7 and a half minutes behind everyone else after injuring himself early on is a truly shining example of the Olympic spirit. He was the only athlete from his country at the Paralympics. Good on you, Houssein Omar Hassan.