The Gamers sequel needs some help

I know a lot of us have played table top games and RPGs but I am willing to bet not so many of you are familiar with The Gamers or The Gamers : Dorkness Rising. Basically, The Gamers are movies that mix the "real world" players with live-action RPG scenes featuring their characters. Where things get interesting is when their real world conflicts bleed into the game. The first movie is a really low budget cult classic full of role playing game references that anyone that's rolled a d20 might be familiar with. The sequel Dorkness Rises had a much higher budget, was a lot more ambitious and might be more appealing to watch. Has anyone else out there watched these or am I a bit too nerdy?

When I found out that the team that made these movies was struggling to raise the money for a third on Kickstarter (85% and only 7 days left!?) I figured I'd make a rallying cry to my fellow Goodjers. All of these movies are freely up on Youtube if you want to see what they are capable of. And I can't wait to see the new GenCon / CCG themed movie they're working on!

Here's a link to the Kickstarter: