Guild Wars 2 Catch All

MrDeVil909 wrote:

The problem with the Assassin isn't so much that it's very squishy, you can play around that. A big problem was that the Afflicted in Factions explode on death. It's not the best setting for a high DPS low armour class.

Very true. I saw too many people play the Assassin like a tank, believing they could go toe to toe with any one mob. I always found it odd that people actually didn't play an Assassin like an Assassin: prioritize high value targets (e.g. enemy healers in the back), get in, do high damage, and get out. It was a hard class to play, but very rewarding when played correctly.

Talking about Guild Wars: Factions makes me realize how much I miss playing my Ritualist. Damn, that class rocked.

Rit is one of the classes I've never played. I must actually give it a go, along with the Paragon.

I enjoy playing Assassin in Alliance Battles, finding groups and distracting and killing their monks is very satisfying and being ABs you don't need to be super optimal so you can do silly things like roll with a scythe.

MrDeVil909 wrote:

Rit is one of the classes I've never played. I must actually give it a go, along with the Paragon.

Back when I was playing it, the Rit was an awesome "Jack of All Trades" character; only optimally spec'ed specific healers, damage dealers, etc. did better than it at each role.

It was awesome to be able to join a group and fill any holes. Need a backup healer for a tough mission? No problem, Rit had that covered (even went as the solo healer a few times). Want extra fire power for the next quest? Just swap out a few skills and you were good to go. You could even mess around and be a minion master if you wanted to have some fun.

Out of all the classes I had in Guild Wars, the Rit was probably my favourite.

I must say, the Eurogamer hands-on was quite effusive about it, and they are a bit more willing to put the boot in than are most gaming sites. This one is moving up my watch list quite quickly, particularly considering the pricing/sales model and the amount of support and updating that GW had.


The picture wasn't loading and I couldn't get a response from their server, and then I remembered.. April 1st.

Hmmm, perhaps it's because I already viewed the image and had it cached, and they have some anti-hotlinking script thingy.

That's a big chicken

Brilliant. You guys do want to watch the new class videos.

It's not entirely an April Fools joke. There's a Terminator themed mission available today:

Was just coming to post that. ANet comes up with the coolest races.

Charr week incoming

Yeah, this I'm looking forward to. Since picking up Pyre Fierceshot in GWEN I've started to really like the Charr. I'm pretty sure my first GW2 character is going to be one.

I hope there's a bit more meat to this than the Norn week.

Scott McGough on Writing the Charr

Interesting insights on Charr society and the fate of Ascalon.

At this point, should I play through all of the GW1 content or just wait for GW2?

Have you played through any content previously, or do you mean starting from scratch? If you start from scratch I'd recommend Nightfall first for the heroes. You can get heroes in Eye of the North too, but you can't access that until you're level 10 (granted, it doesn't take long to get to level 10).

I'm currently going through Nightfall, but keep getting distracted by the daily quests they recently instituted.

Gotcha. Thanks!

With the announcement of this being skilled based i'm actually more interested in this than previously.

If you're interested in GW1 because of GW2, rather than because of itself, I'd say the Prophecies campaign. I'd agree Nightfall is the best PvE campaign for a beginner, but they're all good, but with different focuses, for example in Factions you level up much faster, and the campaign is quite hard, but it might be good if you read up anything you miss out on from a guide.

What I'd say you get out of prophecies that you can bring with you for GW2 is to learn about the human and charr races, the areas that will be initially included in GW2 (so you can see what happens to them), the beliefs, atmosphere and so on. The next most important campaign would be Eye of the North, which needs level 20 character, and covers much more that will tie into GW2. The Factions (Cantha) and Nightfall (Elona) regions don't feature in GW2 at the moment, but I'm sure they'll turn up eventually.

To be honest, GW2 is such a massive reboot, that I'm sure anyone would be fine coming to it fresh, or having read the GW wiki for a while.

Actually, you can do EotN with just a level 10 character. You'll be under an effect called "Journey to the North" which boosts your health and stats to that of a level 20 character. You gain exp at your current level, but you can't adjust your stats while it's active. It doesn't apply to heroes though. It doesn't do anything to your armor level, so you'd be quite squishy until you upgrade your armor.

Another profession revealed "this month".

PvP Summary.

Not from an official source, but lots of detail:

I would put the full price down right now if it meant I could play some version of that.

There is still a logical fallacy design flaw in the world PvP. The concept that if one side gets to big, the 2 smaller sides will gang up on it and bring it down.

I'm sorry but its been proven time and again that the weakest faction will be preyed upon by the stronger factions. You just can't make the rewards lucrative enough to take on the biggest faction who will have the advantage of size and coordination.

It is much easier to organize under one umbrella, especially since the bigger side will have access to better gear, and we all know that organization trumps skill and numbers when it comes to pvp.