Guild Wars 2 Catch All

NCSoft's money mostly comes from mobile sales.

among the 5 MMO games under their umbrella, GW2 is a constant third behind Lineage and Blade & Soul.

Looks like up to 100 Anet employees got the axe, including some of their original employees.

If NCSoft's PR statement that no employees currently working on guild wars 2 was remotely true, then I'm taking this all as evidence of GW3 development being cancelled.

GW2's communications lead as well as the designer responsible for things like the Mad Kings Clocktower and Super Adventure Box are confirmed to be departing; so the Guild Wars 2 impact is more likely to be 'the current state of the game is going to unaffected'. Here's wishing them both well.

So I did a silly thing. I got a bit burned out with Destiny2, felt I might enjoy a MMORPG again, and teetered between buying Battle for Azeroth and soloing some old content, or buying GW2: HoT to unlock the F2P account I've been bouncing off of for a while now. I just couldn't seem to really get into this game, and I thought it might be because of the F2P restrictions.

After a long internal debate, the fact that I really, really don't ever want to pay a monthly sub again won out. I bought Heart of Thorns and started a Revenant and an elementalist to play around a bit. I figured these two matched my two favorite WoW classes the best (mage and death knight). I'm getting into it a little better now, I'm on the server mentioned higher up in the thread, but I'll admit that I have no idea how to find or attempt to join the guild, or if you guys are even active anymore. Any input on that front would be appreciated.

Right now I'm probably going to focus on the revenant, maybe start focusing on a support type build because that looked pretty interesting. If I stick with it long term, I'll buy that other expansion down the road.

Many of us are in Zealots of Shiverpeaks, the oldest guild out there, and one with a bunch of devs and quite a history. It's a guild with both highly active and more casual players, of all experience levels, united by a desire to help out when needed and to have fun in group events and so forth. You can go to its website to find the application process. It will require an interview, so a mic is needed. It's a *great* group of people to play with and learn from. (I think they require at least your main be on Northern Shiverpeaks server.)

Since you can join several guilds at the same time, you can give me your account name (name.wxyz with the latter being four numbers) and I can send you an invite to the GWJ guild.

Just hit the 25k AP mark this morning.

..and there's still so much I haven't gotten around to doing yet.

I need to get over my fear of long instances and finish off all 3 campaigns

Looks like it's Veloreyn.9467. I'll look into ZoS sometime this week when I get some time online.

My advice is to play at least one up to 80 manually, rather than using a boost. That will get you familiar with many of the regions as well as immerse you in the mechanics of the game at a measured pace. It's much deeper than it seems at first. After that, sure, boost away, but it's always good to go to level 20 or 30 or so in a new character, to get an idea of how it works, so you can build it effectively after the boost. At least, that way you won't embarrass yourself.

However, you can always boost and go back to learn things; you scale to the level of the region. But you'll have the full complement of the regular skills, so it'll be more complicated than you might think to pick some that synergize, just going into it cold. Better to learn gradually and enjoy the ride.

And remember, always ride the Cattlepult.

And don't be shocked if when you start getting into Heart of Thorns content you don't understand what the 'meta' of the public events is - its expansive and complex and everyone is as confused as you when they first encounter it

Yep. Just a pick a few players and surge around the map with them. The ride is fun.

PurEvil wrote:

Looks like it's Veloreyn.9467. I'll look into ZoS sometime this week when I get some time online.

The invite has been sent. If anything, it's an easy way to find goodjers.
I absolutely second the advice to not use boosters, it really helps to get a feel for the class. I used boosters for my revenant, and I truly regret it, because I can't play her to save my life.

Yeah, I had that issue with Destiny2. There's only three classes, I ran the warlock all the way up to max, then used a boost to get a Titan up. Not only did I then want to immediately reroll the titan because of a cosmetic reason, I could barely play him and didn't know the skills well.

I think games that rely on an experience-based level system would benefit more from an experience multiplier rather than maximum level boost, unless you've already level the class before.

Oh, and I accepted the invite, so I'll hopefully see you guys in game.

Time zones might be an issue, but definitely hope we'll run into each other!

Not much info in here, but sounds like they're going to start being more open and communicative:


I'm installing this again. This is one of the more confusing MMOs to come back to I think, but I keep trying because I love the art and design. I bought both expansions a long time ago but didn't complete them.

Edit: I remember now. I last logged off right in front of the final boss for Heart of Thorns and I don't remember how to play. What a terrible decision.

Ah, yeah. HoT is rough to get through, particularly solo. You have to gang up, find friends to play with. You'll definitely have an easier time. Might help to stick to one class to ease back in. There's just so much to tackle in GW2, it can be overwhelming.

Is there any concern about longevity of this game? (how long they will support it)

To be honest they’ve already got the longevity thing in the bag but the game is still going strong and it sounds like the devs have a lot of plans for the future.

Ok perfect, thanks Higgledy!

So my first character is now 7 years old.

finally got around to finishing Path of Fire and unlocking the Griffon mount.

oh and I recently got my second Legendary: Xiuquatl

slowly working my way through Living World Season 4


I mean, sure, it's not as active as it was five years ago, but it's still going strong. Plenty of maps with plenty of people, especially with the dynamic maps. Not too shabby.

New story content has been released!!! Icebrood Saga’s Prologue dropped yesterday so be sure to log in and claim that!!!!

What is with this thread and the porn bots?

What's this bots goal? I didn't think grinders could post links for this reason.

EverythingsTentative wrote:

What's this bots goal? I didn't think grinders could post links for this reason.

It looks like a google maps link but mouse over one and you can see the actual link it goes to.

I've decided to report and ignore! In other news, ascended chef questline gets you a free garden plot for your home instance!