Guild Wars 2 Catch All

If you pvp at all (and play Revenant or Necromancer) you may want to buy some lube before reading these changes...

While not massive or amazingly active by any means, I can toss my personal guild out there for folks still semi-active in GW2. We're only 15 strong right now, and bill ourselves in recruitment as people with jobs and lives outside of GW so no real rep requirements. We do try to do some guild missions or at least guild-focused activities on Sundays when people are on, but otherwise pretty laid back.

Given the incorporeal nature of the GWJ group, that may be an option for folks as well.

Got a name for that guild?

I'm on a Mac and trying to update the game after a month or two. All I get now is this notification:

"Coherent host crashed
A serious error has occurred that prevented the application from continuing. A report has been sent to ArenaNet to help determine the cause."

Any ideas?

Apparently, that is caused by using the 32-bit client, which is no longer supported. Download and install the 64-bit client instead, is the word.

garion333 wrote:

Got a name for that guild? ;)

Lateralus Legion. My handle is Aerthos.8012, so if you shoot me a message I can toss you can invite back.