NBA 2k13 Catch-all

Play a franchise and use the VC from there to boost your player. I get 700-1000 VC per game playing with 8 minute quarters.

I think this actually kind of breaks MyPlayer mode by messing up the feedback loop, but you really do get points too slow to do it any other way.

There's also a facebook app which gives 500 points for linking, after you finish the tutorial of it. It seemed like a weird NBA life simulator. Not sure that I'm going to play that much, but at least I did the linking. I guess you can earn more VC there somehow. But also in typical facebook app fashion it has some kind of currency that you can buy with real money, so it's going to try to suck you into spending more.

Since the android/IOS app is totally free, I think I'll stick to it.

I found something else. Tried the free Android app last night. It has like 10 different mini-games you play that get from 10-50 VC per game. There doesn't seem to be a limit on how much you can play it. The Trivia one is 5 questions, 10 seconds to answer each, and even if you get them all wrong you get 10 VC. 25 for getting 3-4 right, and 50 for getting all 5.

So for about a minute's effort, I usually got 25, which is more VC than I have in 8 of my 9 games so far, and more than I've got in any drill in-game either, since I can't seem to get gold on them the first try.

And there was like a 500 point bonus for linking your account the first time. Ended up with a decent amount of VC just playing around with the app in bed last night.

I guess I'll play that app while I'm waiting for games to load from now on. Probably will get a few rounds of trivia in and triple what I make from these early games.

EDIT: I was wrong. After taking a 10 min break to play the app on my phone earlier I finally got a "you have reached the daily VC limit" message. Great. :p