Ratchet & Clank Collection (PS3) Catch-all

Anybody else picking this up this week?

Ratchet & Clank, R&C: Going Commando, and R&C: Up Your Arsenal all together in one HD 1080p upgraded pack, with trophies, and multiplayer for Arsenal.

$30 at Amazon, I guess that's $10 off the standard $40 list price.

Pre-ordered a while back with some gift card money I had, since I didn't have a PS2 and never got to play these classics before. Just got my shipping notice this morning that it will be here tomorrow.

If anyone has thoughts to share about these classics or this new remake, please do.

I probably won't pick it up since I've beaten them already, but I am a huge fan of all 3 games. $30 is a steal for all that.

The original will probably seem basic compared to the other 2, but I imagine it will still be a decent time and a quick playthrough. I always enjoy the silly dialogue and story.

Have you played the PS3 versions?

Dyni wrote:

Have you played the PS3 versions?

I assume you mean PS2, and...

Stele wrote:

since I didn't have a PS2 and never got to play these classics before.

No, that's why I pre-ordered.

Perhaps "version" wasn't the right word choice. I meant the PS3 Ratchet and Clank games

Ah no, the R&C Future games. They've been on my wishlist for a while, but the PS3 pile has never been empty, or I haven't seen them on a super-cheap $10 sale, so I haven't pulled the trigger. And then I saw this, with the slight discount, so I might as well play them in order.

I may end up picking this up at some point soon. I'm a huge R&C fan and it would be nice to go through the series again with new shiny on the graphics. Unlike most of these other collections, this one's also being done by Insomniac themselves which is cool. I remember hearing James Stevenson talk recently on Weekend Confirmed about how they had to use old equipment to restore the old PS2 assets off of tape backups which they haven't used in years.