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'Localize' is our tag to make sure we notice when a string of text hasnt been localized for all languages yet, so disregard that part When you 'Use' a hard drive, it becomes another item, a piece of story like an email excerpt. These can be stored in the Data Archive where they'll be organized in the proper order and you'll start to build a clearer picture of the game's story.

There's a few pieces of that process that aren't quite in the current Facebook build. Next week's has our near-final solution for the story loot. A tutorial module for it hasnt been made yet though.

We stayed up late and posted a new version last night. As we move toward release, we need to be able to learn more about the early game and have had to make a lot of data changes to Missions and items. As a result, we decided to wipe the player database and start over. This should be the last time before Launch.

Some new stuff added: Mute buttons work (mostly) just for Lobster There's a bug somewhere that causes the button to reset, but you can just push it again. We'll sort that bug out.

We completed a 2 month-long overhaul of all 700+ dungeon levels to make them more interesting across the board

We got in some tutorials that show how to upgrade your robot and how some of the base gameplay progression works

We also made it easier for new players to jump in. As much as we'd like everyone to be in our forums giving feedback, it's limiting our user base, so we've done away with that requirement. Once you have a beta key you can jump right in.

So yeah, if you havent checked it out, hit up and request a Beta key.

Edit to note that some users may experience a Server Timeout message when they first log in. Clearing your browser cache will correct the issue. This should only happen once and should not happen again in the future.

Thought for sure I sent an application, but never got an email, so I just made another.

We sent out a ton of beta keys yesterday. Hopefully you got one. If not, PM me your email address and I'll make sure you get one today

Got one, might play a little tonight.

We posted a new build again tonight! Lots of bug fixes and a few cool new features. Some of the big ones are end of dungeon rating system so we can find the frustrating ones and fix them, cool new loading screen art and lots of fine tuning on combat. We added in Click-and-hold to attack last week and fine tuned it this week. There are also some major improvements in the looks on lower detail settings along with a bigger positive impact on performance for those lower settings too. That's right, we have our cake and eat it too!

Robot Rising is live and in Open Beta now! All users can access the game on Facebook here -

We have a cool new intro cutscene too.

Everyone go play and enjoy Ill update the OP

Grats poly and crew!

We're in beta, so let us know what you like, what you hate, what would be awesome to add. We'd love to get your feedback!

Will give it a looksee

We've been launching updates every 2 weeks since our launch in September. It's come a long way! We've got some fun holiday content in right now and have added way too many features to mention but I'll give it a stab

*Unmanned Missions: send your idle robots out to collect resources for you
*Generation Building: Generates resources and a chance at uncommon and rare crafting components
*Request Components: Need a component you don't have? call for help! Your friends can answer the call (which doesn't cost them any of their own components or anything)
*Space Station tile set: Whole new content set of levels, monsters and items to get set in space. You can see the planet in the background, looks freakin cool
*Overhauled tutorial: Teaches new players a lot better than the old one. Every game iterates on their tutorials and it was our turn.
*Fewer limits in the base: Manufacture and research at all of your production buildings, not just one
* so much more

Check us out again

Dude, those sound like some rad updates. I've been meaning to get back into your game, but have been afraid that I'll lose track of my time I really like the idea of unmanned missions-- that would definitely give me a better reason to care about building multiple robots.

Robot Rising is up for Social Game of the Year, against the likes of Sim City Social and You Don't Know Jack. As much as I love YDKJ, I can totally objectively say that my game is like, way better.

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