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Gdawg27 wrote:

So I was playing in some PUG games yesterday and I joined a game in progress as Voltar with a Skoldir and Yuri. I enter the match at level 12 (on worm map) and the 3 of us proceed to take out the 1st top turret. After that, the Yuri on my team starts typing in all caps in "all" chat how Voltars and Yuris can't be on the same team and how I ruined the game for him by picking Voltar. He then spends the rest of the match sitting in the base typing stuff about how I ruined the match for him. I told him I've played with Yuris before as Voltar and won and he says that it's because the opposing team was terrible. We lose the match.

I press quick match and pick Lonestar, same guy ends up on my team again (as vinnie this time) and just sits in the shop. Other person on my team asks if the guy is afk and then I mention how in the last match vinnie got mad that I picked Voltar when he had Yuri. After I type that, vinnie responds that he's ruining my match like I ruined his. So then the other team wins again. First time I've encountered this kind of behavior in 50+ hours of this game.

Wow...just play with us! I've never seen that type of play before. However, 50+ of gameplay with that type of bm isn't that bad considering other MOBAs?? /shrug

On to 'better' news, Awesomenuats tweeted there will be a 4th map, they're working on a possible spectator mode, and making the game possible to run on linux.

Just played two games right now. Jumped in the middle of games basically. One win, one loss.
Don't see the team play yet, as people seem to just do whatever and move forward lol
Looking forward playing with Goodjers

More details from patch notes:

- They should be implemented earliest by tomorrow
- New Map should be in before end of week
- New skins hopefully before end of week
- no Skolldir nerf, but is closely being looked at for the next patch
- Coco, Clunk, Gnaw, Raelynn getting nerf (Coco's heavenly blaze has 50% less duration, Gnaw's weedlings more offense instead of being tanky, Raelynn will have longer cooldown on timerift)
- Lonestar missle/auto attack buff
- Increase in price of health
- Flying droids have more health on Station 404 (the area where there is only one choke at the beginning)
- Blind spots from turrets are addressed

Official Awesomenaut Updates

Thanks to BlackBeard for alerting me to this

EDIT: I now have the viral costume, if you want to kill me to get it either PM here or contact me via Steam.

Patch 1.13

New features
- Creeper Clunk skin! Obtain the unique Creeper skin by killing an enemy Clunk wearing the skin. We will be playing using the skin in the coming the days to get things started.
- Matches will now start with full teams much more often. The host of a game now waits for six players to be ready before starting the match. It waits a maximum of two minutes and then always starts. The time the host spends in the Character Select and Loadout Select menus is deducted from the waiting time, so the maximum waiting time is the same as before (the average waiting time is longer now).

Character balance/fixes

Froggy G
- Whirlwind, Boom box upgrade damage increased from 2 to 4.

- Tongue snatch, Base range increased from 6 to 6.6
- Tongue snatch, Tongue stretch now increases range by 2.4, instead of 4.

- Weedlings, creation cooldown increased from 0.5 to 1
- Weedlings, reduced base health from 80 to 50 hitpoints.
- Weedlings, increased base attack speed by 20%
- Weedlings, improved bullet speed from 4 to 6, and improved homing.
- Weedlings, improved Wild growth: +60 to +150 per minute regen.
- Spit, spit will no longer fly through enemies, will instead drop to the ground upon contact.
- Base health reduced from 135 to 125.
- Base speed reduced from 8 to 7.2

- Mighty Throw, Oily Bronze speedup effect reduced from 100% to 75%.

- Vacuum bite, Reduced Screamer Engine duration from 1 to 0.7 sec.
- Explode, Universal Charger now reduces charging time by 0.7 seconds, instead of 0.9.
- Explode, Thermonuclear cleaner price increased from 210 to 240

- Ball lightning, Blaze particles left by the Heavenly Fire upgrade have 50% duration compared to regular blaze particles.
- Ball lightning, thunder striker upgrade now also induces a mini stun, making the knockback non-interruptible.

- Homing missiles, improved homing and movement speed from 3.5 to 4.5.
- Homing missiles, cost reduced from 275 to 225.

- Nuke, improved movement speed from 2.5 to 3

- Protoblaster, Skull Bracelet price reduced from 155 to 135
- Protoblaster, Joe doll price increased from 135 to 175
- Protoblaster, base damage reduced to 7, extra stage added to Skull Bracelet
- Timerift, movement speed during flight reduced from 10 to 7.5
- Timerift, base duration reduced from 5 to 4 seconds.
- Timerift, 1.21 Gigawatt Battery duration bonus reduced from 5 to 4 seconds.
- Timerift, cooldown increased from 7 to 9 seconds.

Vinnie & Spike
-Shot, Sharky & Remora upgrade now also improves the range for The Godfish
- Shot, it is now possible to start a Spike Dive or Smokescreen while shooting.
- Dive, the spike graphic has been adjusted to better match the damage range of the spikes.
- Dive, unlock of Rigged casino games now shows the correct icon.
- Smokescreen, Mammoth Sock with Holes upgrade stage 2 now adds 2 seconds of invisibility, instead of 4.
- Smokescreen, Coco will no longer stay invisible while holding down the attack button.
- Reduced camera vertical deadzone size.

- Heal, the height of the droids has been increased slightly, so that controller players can now normally hit them with the heal beam.

- Silence now works consistently on all characters: skills are locked during Silence, while main attacks and jumps still work.
- Removed limitation of multi-jumpers (Lonestar, Vinnie & Spike, etc) where they couldn’t jump in-air when reaching a certain falling speed.
- Improved flying droids: base health from 75 to 100, shot homing, speed and range.
- Updated loading screen to improve Coco and Raelynn’s representation.
- Reduced turret deadzones in Ribbit IV and AI Station 404.
- Power Pills Turbo, price increased from 135 to 175.
- Power Pills Lite, price increased from 110 to 160.

Major fixes
- Fixed that on AI Station, the red team would often get one droid less than the blue team.
- Fixed that using two Keyboard-only control schemes in splitscreen would always claim to have conflicted buttons.
- [Mac only] CMD+Tab now works on Mac (also with CMD+M and CMD+H).
- [Mac only] Fixed that Retina displays would only use part of the screen in windowed mode.
- [Mac only] Fixed that shift+tab sometimes did not work until the game was restarted.
- Changed colours in shop to make what has been bought and what has not been bought distinguishable for colorblind players.

Minor fixes
- Fixed that achievement for unlocking three characters could not be gained if all skins had been bought before unlocking three characters.
- Yuri now has two buying quotes in the shop, instead of only one.
- Fixed that the interface would sometimes not update correctly when switching controls during gameplay.
- Fixed that the last unlock level was shown as empty.
- Fixed that special characters (like ‘ø’) could not be used in user names.
- Moved some glass platforms on Ribbit IV to fix that players who kept touching them after a downjump could not jump up again.

What is the viral costume?

Cool, thanks for posting the changes!

I will personally find you and kirr you in game if you don't vote for Coco mcFly.

checkm-8 wrote:

I will personally find you and kirr you in game if you don't vote for Coco mcFly.

But if that one wins, your hoverboard won't work on water unless you got POWAH!

Patch 1.14 is now up and running!

Patch 1.14

New features
- Seasonal Leaderboards: a new leaderboard every two months, starting today! The History screen will show your previous results in the leaderboards. Favourite class in the leaderboards is now also shown per period instead of for your entire playing history.

- Pimpy G Character Skin (for Froggy G): Them superfly leather suede jeans. That's Pimpin'! That black belt of bling. That's Pimpin'! Them "eyes on the money" glasses. That's Pimpin'! That gold 'n diamond "smack you fools" cane. That's Pimpin'! Pimpy G is pimpin' and you know it.

- Double-O Yuri Character Skin (for Yuri): Double-O-Yuri's instructions are implicit. License to kill. From elegant clubrooms to exotic islands, Double-O-Yuri carries out the Secret Simeon Service's dirty work. An action filled adventure of intrigue, treachery and romance. In the world of adventure, the highest number is Double-O-Yuri!

- In the loading screen you can now see how many other players are ready to start the match.

Major fixes
- Framerate has been improved quite a bit for less powerful videocards, especially during fierce battles.
- Fixed that sometimes a player would enter an empty match, while the others were still waiting in the loading screen for the match to fill up and start.

Minor fixes
- Super Breed 2.0 now correctly increases the size of the Bull
- Leon’s clones now have the same healthbar size as Leon himself (not the same health, of course!).
- Fixed that free Power Pills was always unlocked, even at a too low level account.
- Some improvements to the bots.


The new patch 'should' include the new character. Furthermore Skolldir is finally getting nerfed. Oily will be less effective as the movement speed will be removed. I believe Lonestar is getting a buff of some sort since he's no longer formidable in 1v1 situations.

cyrax wrote:


Here is the Naut


A space butterfly apparently

Well, it's about time there was another support role, but I guess I said that the last time.

Hey Everyone, APL Tournament #2 will be in full swing soon. Although the first GWJ team is already full (we're only allowed four slots), it doesn't mean you can't make a second, a third...

I apologize for the wall of text. Click on their respective links below to go directly to the website. If you can't read it, then you'll have to first register. If you need help in registering a team, let me know

Info on how:

Info: (if you haven't done so, subscribe to the forums AND the ladder)

How to join the ladder:

- First of all, the leader of your team has to create a team by clicking the "Join Ladder" button above the ladder.
- After that you choose your name, tag, avatar and banner.
- Now, after you created your team, you want your friends to join the team. You can join a team by clicking the team in the ladder and then clicking the "Join Team" on the top right.
- But wait! You haven't joined it yet, the leader of your team has to accept your join request. He or she can do this by going into "My Teams" in the top right corner of the web page, then clicking the Team Roster next to your team. You should now see the join requests and you can accept them.

Here's the steps required to make a team with some players in it:
Click the "Join Ladder" button above the ladder.
Your friends should now click your team in the ladder.
After that click "Join Team" in the top right corner.
The leader should now go to "My Teams" in the top right corner of the site.
Then he or she should click "Team Roster" next to your team.
Accept your friends join requests
All done!
Now you've created a team with some friends in it! Great!
Remember to report any bugs about the new ladder system in the bugs section.

Tournament Information:

Announcing the Next Tournament!

The Awesomenauts Pro League is proud to announce our second official tournament!

Since our first tournament, the Awesomenauts competitive scene has been rapidly growing. More and more teams are forming all the time, with players eager to prove themselves on a competitive level. With our next tournament, and all tournaments going forward, our goal is to provide a platform for those teams to really see if they have what it takes to be the best. We want to provide a solid competitive experience for our players, and a place for fans around the world to see them in action and cheer them on.

With that in mind, we have spent the time since the last tournament preparing and planning this next one, focusing on proven tournament models from competitive gaming scenes around the world. We have listened to your feedback from the first tournament, and have put together a structure we are confident will both fulfill our goals and cater to your needs as both players and fans.

Tournament Structure
The tournament and qualifiers will take place over a period of five days.

The first three days of this period will consist of a series of qualifiers. Based on seeding from the results of the first tournament, teams will be organized into groups of four. Then, during this time, each team will play every other team in their group once, for a total of three matches per team. These games will each be Best of One, and may be played at any time during the three day period that is convenient for the teams involved. They must all be finished by the end of the third day, however.

Based on the results of this qualifier period, we will then organize the official tournament bracket. The top two teams from each qualifier group will proceed into the tournament, which will begin the day after the qualifiers. Since the tournament bracket will be much smaller this time around, we will be featuring Double Elimination rules.

The first day of the official tournament will consist of all games in the bracket leading up to, but not including, the Main and Elimination bracket finals. These games will all be Best of One.

The second day of the official tournament will consist of only the Main and Elimination bracket finals. Each of these finals will be a Best of Three.

All rounds excluding the finals will be Best of One.
Main and Elimination bracket finals will be Best of Three.
Games held during the qualifier period may be played at any time.
Games held during the two tournament days will follow a specific schedule. Teams who do not show up for their game will be eliminated, with absolutely no exceptions.
Teams may consist of three main members and one substitute. If your team consists of more than four members, make sure to only sign up the members who will be available to participate in the tournament.

Dates & Prizes
We are very pleased to announce that we will also be awarding prizes to the top teams of the tournament! These prizes are all kindly donated by Ronimo Games, but in order to find out what they are, you'll have to wait!
In the next couple of days, we will be releasing another announcement with the following:
Tournament Sign-up Dates
Tournament & Qualifier Dates
Prize List
As well as a special announcement we are very excited about... Stay tuned!

NOTE: Please direct any questions regarding the tournament to either TmT, Evansevern, or Naaza, but be aware that tournament structure and rules are not up for debate.

We do have a team? I didn't see you post anything previously.

cyrax wrote:

We do have a team? I didn't see you post anything previously.


Looks like Genji is going to be a good teammate.

cyrax wrote:

We do have a team? I didn't see you post anything previously.

Yeah there is a GWJ (Team 1) consisting of me, kyo, han, and some guy named Andy who we met at a PUG. Honorable mention is gdawg who was our flex, but since the APL changed the rules only allowing four people instead of unlimited.... /sad face

I haven't seen Andy online for almost a week so if the APL starts without hearing a peep from him I'll let you guys know.

Watching sam's stream now. Genji can do heals AND damage reduction on both nauts and droids. I'd be interested in seeing an all support team consisting of Yuri, Genji, and Voltar. What's even scary is that this makes Derpl possibly viable in competitive play, but we'll see when they start testing Genji out. That cocoon ability looks so annoying.

APL Tournament #2

Sign ups end March 5th

Qualifying matches start March 6-8
Tournament start March 9-10

If you see my previous post you'll see more details/wall of text on what the tourney will consist of. Honestly, I laugh at the cash prize (imo the devs don't need to do that to entice me to play this great game) however I do want that vinyl.

Again, don't get intimidated. I've played against players who participated in the tournament and their skill levels are on both ends of the spectrum. If you need a practice buddy friend me up!

As for our own GWJ Tournament....geez...I have been putting that off have I?

checkm-8 wrote:

As for our own GWJ Tournament....geez...I have been putting that off have I? :)


Hey GoodjerNauts.

I was just informed sign ups for new teams just ended.

Why does that make you sad? Didn't you already sign up?

cyrax wrote:

Why does that make you sad? Didn't you already sign up?

I think there was a mix up in communication. I signed up for the ladder, but there was a thread on the tournament forums which I didn't respond

I'm also sad/surprised because of how quickly they closed the sign ups. I was hoping other members would like to sign up since they restricted the size to 4 people per team.

Weird, as the name was of the Goodjer team was announced to participate. You would think they double check.

So update. We are NOT in the tournament. We're in queue hoping someone in the tournament as well as 4 others before us drop out.

Nice post on optimizing Awesomenauts.

Three things:

Redditnauts tournament/marathon - A friendly game to play with the 2000 player base Reddit community. Details

(Is there any interest to particpate?)

Big Money Prize Tournament - Details

(I don't think this this is legit, never heard of the OP, that's a crazy amount of cash to offer, is a pay-to-win tourney, etc.)

Genji's New Skin - IMAGE(



Finally, the new stealth map, Aiguillon!

cyrax wrote:

Finally, the new stealth map, Aiguillon!

I'm starting to believe you, me, kyo, and gdawg only follow this AWESOME MOBA ;_;