NFL 2012 Draft Thread

NFL releases some bounty evidence.

Meanwhile, Drew Brees is doing himself no favors by continuing to play the deny, deny, deny game. Say "no comment", or say "I did not see any such activity myself". Don't claim you're certain it didn't happen unless you're stepping forward to provide some evidence yourself to discredit what the NFL is putting forth.

Honestly, I don't care much about the incident itself, but this weekly chorus of Brees proclaiming, "Didn't happen! Didn't happen! Didn't happen!" is obnoxious. Prove it or shut it. (And that statement goes to the NFL too, who have taken far too long to actually get to this show-us-some-evidence point).

1.Admit nothing
2.Deny everything
3.Demand proof
4.When all else fails, goto 1.

I think Drew has looped around a few times.

I'm really curious to know what other "proof" Vilma needs shown; his defense seems to be "uh . . . we were only kidding, right?"

What Legion said. I wrote in this thread months ago that Brees was damaging his reputation with his ridiculous, disingenuous stance on the whole thing.

So often it seems like when these guys put their NFLPA hats on, it has the magical effect of making them idiots, but making them think everyone else are idiots.

Off-topic, but here's Ryan Leaf's new uni:


Update: Scroll to the bottom for one more Leaf pic. Don't miss the Gabby pic. (Possibly NSFW - language)

Boogle kindly interrupted my workday to send me the Gabbert pic.

As I responded to him: "Harsh! Also, hilarious."

The best part is the filename: lol-attaboy-blaine.jpg

*Legion* wrote:

Vince Young is struggling to learn the Bills offense.

Even if he knew the offense I'd still rather put in Tyler Thigpen.

*Legion* wrote:

Vince Young is struggling to learn the Bills offense.

And this is a surprise why?

And they say the Wonderlic doesn't really mean anything!

We're quickly approaching the point where you can't believe a word Drew Brees says.

Brees says the Saints are negotiating in "bad faith". Apparently, offers that would make you the highest paid player in the game is "bad faith" negotiation.

Others are noticing. He's being accused of having become "the NFLPA's fair-haired boy".

I just don't get it. None of it fits with my previous mental model of Drew Brees.

Damn. If that's bad faith, then he can accept the contract and act in good faith by paying off my mortgage and tossing me a couple million on the side. That'd set things right, I'd say.

Yeah, he seemed like a pretty good dude and family man until the whole bounty scandal over-denial, and now this.

And have we still not heard from Rat Boy? Are we not wondering whether something has befallen him?

Fedaykin98 wrote:

And have we still not heard from Rat Boy? Are we not wondering whether something has befallen him?

Certis put an end to that thread.

But, yes, we havent heard from him afaik.

All stalking will now be done off-the-books.

I still hope we see a grand entrance for our weekly football threads.

Speaking of, for the first time ever, I will have NFL Sunday Ticket. DirecTV finally made an offer I couldn't refuse, at $45 a month (and that's Choice Extra, with Tivo) for the first year, with NFL Sunday Ticket thrown in for free.

In an effort to have some conversation up in here: when do camps open?

It's freakin' July people! HOF Game in less than a month! Regular Season starts in less than 2 months!

I believe they start at the end of July.

Things are so slow that PFT had a few stories the last few days on a guy who spent almost all of last season on the Brown's practice squad being arrested. I assure you, I'm looking forward to being able to discuss anything more important than that, but things are just dead right now.

Uh...Texans hoping to sign Schaub to an extension before the season starts?

I dunno, I got nothin'.

"Do you want to hear that song called 'The Bar Is Closed'?"

Larry Fitz calls out Michael Floyd for missing workouts.

The great part is that he did it by saying he was charging Floyd with a DWI - a "don't want it".

Fitz, being a smart and aware person, certainly knows that Floyd's big draft red flag was his DWI - the real, drunk kind - in college. Making his choice of terms in that tweet vicious and awesome.

In what is clearly shocking news to every Texans fan out there, Jacoby Jones is having issues with dropped passes.

It's okay, he's meant to be a decoy anyway.

Noh wai!!!!!!

The 2012 Football Outisders PDF is now available. Should tie some people over awhile depending how fast you want to digest it.

2012: The clear favorites in the NFC.

Its a great read so far ;D

Awesome thanks for the reminder.

I'd make a "paper champions" remark, but at this point, I'd settle for being paper champions. I'd settle for being paper division champs.