Laptop or tablet use in high school- Any experience?

My son's high school sent out a notice that it wants students to bring laptops, tablets, and I-phones to school to enhance the learning experience. I'm hoping someone has experience with this situation.

Is it better for a student to use a laptop or an I-pad? Is it the kind of thing that students are constantly losing through theft? Personally, I view this as an awful idea because of all the distractions on a computer, but if someone has some tips on what to buy, the best uses for computers in the classroom, etc, I'd like to hear them.

Personally, I view this as an awful idea because of all the distractions on a computer

Put linux on it.

For a couple hundred bucks you can buy a good netbook. The battery will last all day and it isn't powerful enough to play any graphic intensive games. Good for email, internet and homework

I didn't think of gaming when it came to distractions. I was thinking online chat. Or watching youtube. It's an even worse idea than I thought.

Linux laptop. Tablet would be far worse IMO when it comes to distracting things you can front-load it with.

Nexus 7 or a Chromebook is my vote.

Are those good for taking notes? I haven't done much writing on an I-pad, but I like the simplicity of the system. Does the Chromebook require an internet connection to access the applications?

I don't know about a Nexus 7. You could get him a bluetooth keyboard so he can type faster if you wish.

Chromebooks come with free 3G. Some apps will need net connection but there should be some that don't.

Linux laptop with sites blocked with the HOSTS file.

My guess is, anything deemed destructive or distracting is going to be blocked on the school's network anyway. In my high school it was, and that was over 10 years ago.