Ravenwood Castle - A GWJ Friendly Travel Destination

Vortex: green for the wooded area, black for the Raven, gold numbering for the awesome.


Mother of Pearl/Nebula.. Anything but opaque, though.




I vote with Momgamer, Nebula and Phantom are best IMO.

I can tell you from personal experience that Borealis is the easiest to read. I tend to think Phantom is the most attractive.

Yes! Someone (kind of) agrees with me!

Mother of pearl.

I have a pile of Borealis dice. I like the way they look, and more importantly, they're easy to read, even across a table. In general though, I'd go for dice with white numbers and not fully transparent. I like the Vortex dice, for example, but the gold numbers just don't show up against the swirly background. Get a bunch of different colors so each player has easily distinguishable dice.

The Borealis dice (or the lookalikes I have) look like frosted glass. They're transparent, but you can't see through them.

I can't hellp it. I treasured my dice so much back in the day. I loved the translucent colour ones. Uniform colour through and through is probably my favourite.

If borealis isn't sparkly - like a bass boat, then it's nice. Pics online were mixed. Some looked bass-boat-y and some looked a really awesome hazy translucent. Awesome if hazy. Alabaster kind of light transmission.

Nebula is nice, and has a jewel like quality about it, but it may be too swirly. The pics of it where it's not high contrast swirls are nice. It does seem to have a bit of a noise effect which makes reading the number less clear.


Too Sparkly


Some of their Cirrus and Velvet finishes look nice too.

Bubbles in some of them, from these pics.

It really is hard to beat pure translucent though.

Tanglebones wrote:

Mother of Pearl/Nebula.. Anything but opaque, though.


I know you probably need to be concerned about theft but why not some bone or metal die?

I'm not concerned about theft so much as cost. I have to order these in rather significant quantity.

oilypenguin wrote:

I know you probably need to be concerned about theft but why not some bone or metal die?

Are the serfs going to donate the bone?

I'm not a huge fan of fully-opaque or fully-translucent, but even those can look good with the right color combinations. So, uh, I guess I'm not really much help because they all look fine.

Well okay, if I had to choose, I'd go with the Mother-of-Pearl or Phantom dice. You know, unless there was a "frosted" look.

I really like Nebula. Though Vortex is pretty awesome, as well.

Iron dice!


Iron price!


I like Borealis best by far, but I don't think my vote counts, as the chances of me ever making it to the castle are pretty slim.

Non-plastic dice are nice in theory but (IMHO) a pain in the ass to actually play with. The metal ones are too heavy, and can damage tables. The bone ones don't 'feel right', and some of them can be really light.

I vote for Borealis or Nebula.

My friend came back from GenCon with an Iron Die. It was a lovely blue d10 (style of the orange one in that pic) that cost him $22. He wouldn't roll it on my other friend's table because these iron dice have wicked sharp corners and they are, like Zenke says, heavy.

Tanglebones wrote:

Iron price!


I was thinking the exact same thing

Nebula then Phantom.

Thanks for the dice suggestions all. I'm working on an order now. I hope to have them for PenCon, but can't guarantee it. We'll see.

In other news, we're now officially a Paizo distributor!


Went ahead and put the order in, and we will have them in time for PenCon. Unless we sell out of them before hand, at a local gaming convention which we're looking to get a booth in.

I ordered the Borealis in purple, blue and light green, the Nebula in blue, and the Phantom in teal and gold.

Hi guys, it's me again. You getting tired of me using you all as crowd sourced marketing experts yet? Yeah, I figured you were. Sorry about that. But just one more. It'll be worth it. I promise.

We've been working on these for awhile now. They've even been mentioned in our podcast sponsor spots. And we finally have them figured out. The only thing is, the names suck.

Gaming Getaways, and Gaming Group Getaways.

See what I mean? The names suck. But the packages don't.

That's where we need your help. Please help us name these things.

The Gaming Getaway is basically an all inclusive, bring nothing but yourself, gaming weekend. You show up at the castle and receive:

  • A night of board gaming with ten to twelve other like minded folks.
  • One to three four hour role playing sessions with a provided GM. In a pub. In a castle.
  • A giant turkey leg style medieval dinner.
  • More board gaming.
  • A commemorative Ravenwood Castle polyhedral dice set.

We already have one of these scheduled. We'll be announcing it soon. I'm not saying that the GM's name is one you'll be sure to recognize... but I'm not saying it's not either

The Gaming Group Getaway is designed for pre-existing gaming groups. You and your party show up at the castle and receive:

  • Exclusive use of the Library Game Room. Next to the pub. In a castle.
  • A commemorative Ravenwood Castle polyhedral dice set.
  • Optional giant turkey leg style medieval dinner.

So come on guys and gals, slap on those +1 Creativity Caps and give them a whirl for us. Name these packages and earn Ravenwood Castle's undying gratitude. And perhaps a commemorative polyhedral dice set.

Oh, and while these two packages are a large part of our overall gaming plans, they are only a part. There is something even bigger, even better, in the wings. We'll be announcing that later. Probably at a convention near you. Or a convention near me. Either way.

Campaign Conclave for the group one?

I suggest "Looking for Group" for the first one, and something along the lines of "The Ravenwood Instance" for the second.

(unless someone can come up with a good play on "dungeon crawl" than I could for the second)