Recommend me a wireless home Surround speaker system.

Hey there, all. So my current gaming/movie setup in the basement consists of a projector resting on a table behind our couch and throwing the image over the couch onto the far wall, with an Xbox and wired speaker system resting next to the projector.

The plan For the future is to mount the projector on the ceiling to reduce the likelihood of people's heads blocking the image, with a shelf built against one of the side walls behind the couch to house the consoles and sound system (running the cables through the ceiling and down to the projector as needed.)

Anyway, a wired speaker setup would be real awkward to implement with this arrangement, and it just so happens that our new kitten recently demolished the wires to each and every one of my speakers.

As such, I'm in the market for a new system to restore sound my setup, and it seems like wireless is the way I'll need to go. Trouble is, I'm clueless when it comes to audio. Can anyone reccomend me a good wireless surround system with a nice mix of affordability/quality?

To be honest, while there are some solutions for just the surround speakers, there really isn't such a thing as a good wireless 5.1 surround sound system. You'll run into problems with signal quality, not to mention the expense of anything that would be decent and needing a power outlet near enough to each speaker, which would have to be self-powered. If you're running the cables to the components through the wall, would it be possible to run speaker wires through the walls as well? Or use cable covers like this?