Reccomend me a wifi-enabled hard-drive!

I would love a stand-alone hard drive that hooks into my wifi network (either wirelessly or direct connection into the router) so that any machine connected to the network (any *authorized* machine, i should note) can access the files on it.

Do these things exist? Wasn't even sure what to Google to find one.

My dad had a WD Hard drive that connected by an ethernet cord to the router. We didn't use it quite the same way though, it was set to make daily backups of any changed files, which was part of the WD program that came with it.

In short, I'm sure they do exist. That's about the extent of my knowledge though. Sounds nice though, I would like to get one as well

Edit: Do you mean something like this?

I think Citizen has it right.. you can do a google search for Desktop NAS. I'm not too familiar with the product line but there are self contained units like Citizen linked.. many of them also allow you to slip in your own HD (or HDs) with a SATA connection, higher end enclosures will also support RAID configurations as well.

A lot of people recommend the newer Synology NAS units, check out the Personal models.