The Darksiders 2® Catch-All

Yeah, I started a replay of Darksiders 2 but abandoned it. I have an idea for a video comparing the two games kicking around in my head but my recent computer failures have delayed any progress on that front pretty drastically.

I really liked what I played of 2, but it was definitely not the same type of game as 1. I can see that being a source of bounce. In that vein, I kinda hope they take 3 in a different direction again.

2 was a good template for a game that was just padded out and disjointed. It somehow feels both overfull and unfinished. I can't help but wonder if the financial problems at THQ played into that.

Honestly, with the goal of having to slay the 7 Deadly Sins, it makes me wonder what sort of story progression they're going to go for. It works quite well for the first game's more obvious Zelda influence, but just remembering how overly long the second game was has me wondering if the 7 Sins is going to be more of the same problems.

But, I know they never wanted to do the same thing with each game, so it could be different from either game. With open-world being such a big thing, perhaps you kill them in whatever order you choose.

Not sure if this across all territories or platforms, but I just noticed the Playstation Store in Australia has "Fury's Collection" (or something like that), which contains the two remastered games for AU$24.95.

I think I bought both for AU$19 a piece, and thought that deal was pretty decent.

Clever bit of marketing, if they are looking to generate a bit of a buzz for the old, and follow through with the new. Also makes me think the story is going to leverage of the first two, and the "breaking of the seal" that features as the catalyst for both of the first stories.

Cautiously optimistic is my current mood with this announcement/these developments.

Arise, thread, if for nothing more than my random musings to nobody in particular. Just replayed this game again, mostly for the story refresher. I stand by my comments from the past that the random loot drops and a number of systems just didn't feel finished. Oddly it didn't feel too long - but I did play a good portion and took a long break, so that's probably a big part of that. I found the inclusion of specific named weapons and gear an absolute waste with the random loot stuff as I only a couple times ever thought of using the named reward items. Still, I found it to be a good game, and maybe even more favorable than before, given my expectations were so much lower going into it this time.

Of note (all 3 games spoilers),


both War and Death die at / near the end of their game, but are revived by the breaking of the seal, but Fury does not die in hers. I hadn't realized that until my recent replays. I find it interesting and wonder if the next game will have this happen to either Fury or Strife, or both.

Of the three main games, this is easily the one I've played... well, nearly played the least. I'm prepping to give Darksiders 3 another round as I marathon a bunch of Souls-likes to stymie the desire for Elden Ring a bit, which means I'll officially have played that game more than Darksiders 2.

When watching the documentary on the development of the franchise, I feel the Gunfire Games lead, David Adams, likely gels with what I like about games more than either Joe Mad or... um... third guy, of which the latter two went to found Airship Syndicate, whose first game was also focused on plentiful dungeons and color-based loot systems. In that interview, David Adams comments on the game having too many dungeons, and that they probably should have reduced the number down to fewer but higher quality dungeons. Perhaps taking a break really did help you out, but through my original and my second playthrough of Darksiders II, that feeling that it was just too long persisted. I feel if they took the best ideas from all their dungeons but condensed them into a smaller number, the different dungeons would have felt less tedious, repetitive, and been more memorable.

As it is, Darksiders II is my least favorite of the main three. I've still only played a bit of Genesis. Maybe I can convince a friend to play it with me via Game Pass.

ccesarano wrote:

As it is, Darksiders II is my least favorite of the main three. I've still only played a bit of Genesis. Maybe I can convince a friend to play it with me via Game Pass.

Every word of that statement is me, too. Right down to Genesis progression. Made it to about the 4th level with the wife and stalled for some other stuff she wanted to play. I've got it on Game Pass PC and keep looking at it.

I've actually played Darksiders III the most with at least 3 times through (got all achievements after picking up on Steam), and enjoy it as a whole the most. Compared to the first, the lows are nowhere near as low, and the highs are almost there, but most of it I find more enjoyable especially how much more fluid the combat feels. Nothing quite got me hyped for more as much as the ending of the first, though. DS II is just there with tons of missed opportunities. And yeah, I do recall thinking to myself that the number of dungeons seemed to be pretty big. I think next time I contemplate returning to remember Death's journey, I just need to watch a story compilation on Youtube.

Talking to myself out loud about my previous spoilers:


Now that I think about it some more, maybe the reviving on Fury's part when the seventh seal is broken will be her horse, since Rampage got killed off early in her game. I'm really invested in this whole every one of the horsemen will die before the seventh seal is broken and be revived idea right now.