Tearaway (PS Vita)

Have a look.

Cute art style, and some interesting uses of the tech. I'm sad to see that even after the DS they haven't learned that most people do not like to yell at their handhelds, but whatever.

It also looks like they are completely filling this game with opportunities for dicks. Use the camera to create a new skin for an NPC? I wonder, what ever shall we photograph!? Squirrel needs a new crown that I get to cut out myself? Maybe a pearl tiara?

Some very positive reviews from Polygon, IGN, Gamespot, Kotaku, Eurogamer and a slightly less glowing one from Joystiq. Sounds interesting and out tomorrow!

I will pick this up eventually (too many ps4 games at the moment to play). I love unique experiences!

Polygon had a cool feature about the making of the game.

At one point it was an open-world RPG. Uh.

I still don't think I'll get a Vita anytime soon, but there continues to grow a pretty convincing argument to pick one up.

So I got this as a gift for Christmas and I just now popped it in my Vita.

This game is adorable! My favorite part so far has been the paper animation. It is so polished!

I've made some papercraft things in the past (Katamari!) so I'm looking forward to making some of these too! Here's a link to my page. I need to spend some time customizing my guy!

I particularly like the paper sound effects. Probably 3/4 through the game.

Finished this game last night, although there are a bunch of secrets I might go back hunting for, or not.. y'know.. the pile.. I really enjoyed the game, although the story/narration didn't really get me. Heartless, cynical old b*%(@#d and all that.

I waited till this game came down to $20 as a digital download from Amazon. It wasn't a long wait - what an unfortunate release date it had! I feel conflicted, because although I really enjoyed my time with this game and I sincerely hope the developers do well from it, I am still glad I didn't pay full price. Judging by the quality and uniqueness of the game, not to mention the length of the credits, it was certainly not a small budget game, yet I don't think Tearaway has the longevity for me to have justified the full $40. At $20, I'm happy that I got my money's worth, though. I'm interested to see whether Media Molecule build on what they've learnt and capitalise on the assets they've developed with a sequel. I never played the LBP games, but from what I read, MM made good refinements from 1 to 2.

I forgot to post that I got the platinum the other day. I enjoyed the game overall. I love unique games to spice up the sequel-fest that modern gaming has become!

I would love to see this game in the hands of a suitably aged child who follows up with the papercraft. My 5 year-old is just a bit too young to play this - both in terms of controls and reading ability (and I am hesitant to entrust him with my shiny, almost-new Vita,.. my precious...) - but in a year or two I'm sure he'd love both the game and the real world papercraft.