xbox360 controller to pc.


i was planning on having a few friends over this evening to play a few old roms like super smash bro. and 007. my issue is that I only have one gamepad. if i have a couple people bring over 360 controllers and plug them into my computer, will they work just the same as a game pad? im running windows 7 64 bit.

If they're wired, just plug them in and go, if they're wireless you need a dongle.

A dongle u say?

Also, if you have a wireless controller, the MS play and charge cable will NOT work as a USB cable to the PC. That cable is solely for charging.. does not pass data.

FiveIron wrote:

A dongle u say?

Like this.

nice one.... still sounds funny though.

controllers can go with a dongle?

edit: i found the answer i was looking for