Help me plan my trip to PAX!

So, after many years of watching from afar, I will finally be attending my first convention in a few weeks. I will be making the 14-16 hour drive from central Alberta to Seattle to take in the beast known as PAX. I've booked a week off to allow for driving and recovery, so I call upon my fellow Goodjers to help me fill my itinerary!

I've heard many wonderful things about Seattle, and I'd love to experience the city aside from the convention, as I have never been there before. I'll have my own wheels, but if taking public transit is smarter for exploring the city, I'm completely okay with that.

I'm tossing around the idea of splitting the drive up, and staying overnight in southern British Columbia, because I'm not sure how smart it is for me to pull in to Seattle after driving literally all day, and not knowing where the heck I'm going.

I've had a stupendously generous offer of a floor to crash on during PAX, but I wouldn't want to wear out my welcome if I were to stay in town a couple of extra days, so what are some other options for an out-of-towner? I will be bringing an air mattress and a sleeping bag already, so throwing in my tent to stay at a must-see camping area could be easily done, unless everything is booked up already I suppose.

There hasn't been much talk of slapping or tickling as of yet, but I'm hoping to meet and hang out with as many Goodjers as possible!

Please, help me make this trip unforgettable!

This should help you start off.

Fun things to do.
Food and Coffee

Thanks, Edwin. Lots to look through, there.

Trip planning catch all? I have a lot of food allergies and finding stuff to eat in Seattle is my biggest hurdle every year. The two main things I need to avoid are Wheat and Peanuts. Any ideas? Sushi is an option but all of the places near the WSCC tend to be busy, to say the least.

Find allergy friendly places is easier here than most places just because a large portion of the population is also allergic. Most places will have signs and menus labeled accordingly.

Cool video, Edwin! Thanks for putting that up, I think I might check one or three of those stores out.

You're in luck then, because I live down the street (.9 miles) from the Big Heroes and the Play-N-Trade in Kirkland. Every one of those vendors will be at PAX too selling stuff.

Edwin is the king of things to do in Seattle.