Downloads and streaming video just... stop

I am having a very unusual problem. I recently moved to our new home with the wife. My internet connection worked perfect at our old place. But at our new house, anytime I try to stream a video or download a file, it just... stops. If it is a download, I can get it going again by hitting the pause button and then resume, but who wants to keep doing that.

I got an AT&T (I have Uverse) tech out here, but according to his test I have a great connection. He says the problem is with the computer, but since it was working great before and no changes were made since the move, I seriously doubt that.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what could be going on here?

I'd guess line noise or poor WiFi signal quality if you're using WiFi to the router. Did you check the error statistics in the U-Verse router? Regarding U-Verse specifically, my experience with them has been mixed. I've had problems with line noise in the past and all the people I talked to at the CO insisted that the lines were fine and that the problem was with my PC... until I forced them to send out a tech and he immediately verified it was line noise.

Are you using wireless? If so, does the problem persist if you switch over to an ethernet connection?

No wireless is being used. This is wired and only over a distance of about 2 feet.