GWJ bugs, feature requests, and updates

I've been successfully getting PM notifications to my email without issue lately. Then today, I got one that came from (email address removed -A). Gmail warned that they couldn't verify that was actually the address it came from so maybe it's just a fluke.

The rest of the email was formatted correctly as a PM notification and the PM was legit so it seems more like a bug or 1-off than anything else. Just wanted to report it here. Let me know if you need more details.

Forum messages and emails seem to be broken in a few different places, thank you for the update! Took a screenshot of the original message to send to doogie.

Was the Amazon URL referral-adder removed? Seems like Amazon links are now posting verbatim.

My mod powers have been deactivated. Can those get switched back on?

I recall this being an ongoing issue, but a PM notification from here got auto-routed to my gmail spam folder.

In addition to that, the notification icon on the Favorites page (where I usually hang out when I'm not in an individual thread) is pretty small and I didn't see it.
I finally saw a notification today when I hit the auto-logout threshold and logged back in. The bigger notification on my profile page after logging in was what tipped me off.
I don't get a lot of PMs, so having the larger display notification for a PM on all pages on the site wouldn't bug me too much. I could see though folks who spend more time in their PMs might feel differently.

merphle wrote:

Was the Amazon URL referral-adder removed? Seems like Amazon links are now posting verbatim.

Amazon links should be posting verbatum, as the referral links were breaking people's ability to just share links and too many people complaining about the efficacy to bother fixing it. It was broken and wasn't properly referring anyway.

ClockworkHouse wrote:

My mod powers have been deactivated. Can those get switched back on?

I will message you, your powers were different than mod access.

Amoebic wrote:
ClockworkHouse wrote:

My mod powers have been deactivated. Can those get switched back on?

I will message you, your powers were different than mod access.


Why wasn't I told we could have powers now?!?

There's 332 people in line for powers before you.

A long shot for maybe a niche feature request, but:

Builtin support for voting - simple majority votes / ranked choice voting. Right now folks are doing these manually and painstakingly. It would be nice to have something like this built in natively, to make it simpler for users to cast votes, and far simpler for those organizing the votes.

Ideally it would look like any other post in a thread, with buttons or order-ranking entry boxes or whatever, which voters could interact with; submitting a vote might result in a new post added ("Merphle voted 1:x, 2:y, 3:z"), or maybe just increment a counter or something on the main vote post. The vote organizer would also have a button on their post to close voting, which would generate a new post detailing the results.

So you mean like a Poll post that many other forums have? Or something different?

Yes, something like that - though ideally with a way to specify which vote-tallying variant the organizer prefers to use.


Have our Forum icons been updated yet? I still have the same one from last year and I wanted to be sure I wasn't missed in the update.

Not yet! I'm looking to get the info together this weekend to send to Doogiemac to get the forum details so I can hopefully start flipping them in the oncoming week. Thanks for checking in.

Not sure if this is a browser issue or site issue, but it's new behavior the last week(s).

After I make a post, the page loads, and it used to scroll right to my post. Now it scrolls back to the top of the page. If I click on the link above my comment, it scrolls directly to the comment, like it did before. But after posting it's not properly doing that.

Is Chrome causing this or did something change on the site?

Hey Stele! Sorry, I tried to repeat the issue and wasn't getting the same results as you, and I'm using chrome on pc and android. Is there anything there that may be different (extensions, blockers, etc?)

When I post a comment, and then the page loads, it starts at the top briefly before it zips back to the location of my latest comment.
If I click on the link to the specific post within the page, it loads and zips to that post.
If I click an external link to the specific comment, it'll load the page and then zip to the comment.

I believe this is how it should be behaving. Is this different from your experience? Sorry for the inconvenience, please let me know. Thanks!

Thanks, Amoebic. That's exactly how it works on mobile, and used to work on PC. But now my Chrome is funny.

Post, and the page goes to the top, even though the address bar has my comment in it.

Click on a thread with new posts and it properly goes to the first unread. But then if I refresh (F5), it goes to the top, instead of keeping my place on the page. Same with recent posts list, or any thread. F5 is scrolling to the top of the page instead of keeping my place. I tried this on other web sites that I had open and it doesn't do this. Expected behavior on refresh is to keep my scrolled to place, not go to top of page.

If I click the link on an individual post, it goes to that link the first time. But then if I refresh it goes to the top of the page again, instead of staying on that comment. I can hit enter in the address bar to reload too, and it stays at the top. I copy and paste that into a new tab and it still stays at the top. It makes no sense why it works once but never again.

EDIT: I did have one new extension for auto-refresh in Nov that I used for help getting a PS5, but I removed that earlier today just in case. Same behavior without it. Ad blockers, etc. are disabled for this site.

I think it is an issue on your end Stele. Try to disable all addons/plugins and see what happens? Clear cache?

I just tested: Click "new" on a thread brings me to the earliest unread post on the page. Clicking reload will reload the page and keep me at that same unread post. Holding shift while clicking reload (to ignore cache and REALLY reload the page from the server) will bring me to to the top of the page (presumably because the GWJ server knows that I've already read everything on the page, so doesn't print a #new anchor when spitting the page back at me).

TL;DR: I'd guess that some addon or config setting in Stele's browser is causing it to always ignore local cache, and always load pages from the server.

Could we maybe update the site layout to accommodate at least 1080p? As you can see in the screenshot below, stuff frequently gets cutoff in the gifs thread by the site layout, and while, yes, I am running ultrawide, surely the same thing is happening to people with 1080p monitors, too.


Happens on phone browsers, too. The video tag does not scale properly.

So that's why that happens!

Very weird bug is happening on Edge browser on IPadOS (3rd gen Pro 12.9)

When I edit a message, the edit screen comes up, but when I tap in the edit area:


This does not happen when I add a new comment.

Maybe a browser bug because I haven't seen it in Safari.