GWJ bugs, feature requests, and updates

Thanks for your patience on the email issue. It's top of the list, and I'm going to be digging into sometime this week.

Subject: Podcast Feed
Problem: podcatcher on android isn't showing the image for the ConferenceCall rss, but it does for the Jobscast.

Potential cause: From looking at the RSS of the 2, the podcatcher might not be handling the image http->https redirect from the hardcoded http image link in the ConferenceCall rss.

IE: The Jobscast image link is https. The ConferenceCall image link is http, but redirects to https.



I am being warned that this is a dangerous website for some reason and its getting blocked when I try to enter the topic "what are you playing this weekend". Anyone else seeing this?

Weirdly, its now safe again.