Guild Wars 1 Hall of Monuments Catch-All


August 8 UPDATE - Didn't get a chance to be back on tonight and my schedule is looking hectic. That being said, I'll be on this weekend and will be happy to help anyone's chase for the HOM.


I noticed a number of you want to earn some Hall of Monument points for Guild Wars 2. I'd therefore like to propose a Hall of Monuments static group meeting weekly to unlock stuff. First order of business should be unlocking all the EOTN missions.

Please post your character if interested and what time works best for you. I'd prefer Wednesdays or Saturdays. I have a Level 20 Ranger and Level 20 Necro who both need to finish EOTN.


My Dervish is at Destuction's Depths, getting overwhelmed at the bridge on level 2 where you meet the Norn. My Ranger and Warrior are on various bits of the 3 branches so they've got tapestries unlocked, I think they've both done the Vanguard/Norn branches.

Hi Scratched. I'm West Coast USA so the best time for us to get together may be weekends. My ranger just finished the Norn area and is working on the Asura content. I also need to finish the first quest line for my Nero so I can register her prestige armor.

I've done most of these missions several times NM and HM, and have a full suite of heroes, I'm perfectly willing to help with just about anything (provided it's doable within reasonable east cost hours).

I just started playing GW1 a few days ago, and bought into the Platinum edition... I realize I almost certainly won't be able to get a full suite of HoM achievements before GW2 goes live, but I expect I should be able to get some of the lower-hanging fruit.

So I ask: Is there a GWJ guild in GW1 I can hang out in these days? Or has everyone pretty much gone their separate ways?

I am a little bit confused as to what the hall of monuments does with regards to rewards in GW2?

Is it just titles or display items? Or can you unlock special ranger pets or starter weapons/armor for your GW2 characters?

Arenanet have a helpful guide:

Ohh ohhh just the kick in the pants I need to get me going. Add me please, I'm on central time, this weekend is out, I have friends visiting but wed's works for me.

isale Larval - L20 Elementalist
- I do own Prophecy & EOTN & 1 other Expansion (or perhaps both), never finished any of the main story lines, but I do have 4 points. (3 for linking accounts, 1 for fellowship)

My problem is that even with Henchmen, I still get killed on most quests. Also, finding a path to your goals in GW was a complete nightmare for me.

Fang, here's the Hall of Monuments rewards site. It is actual gear + Pets + misc items + titles you can get in GW2. None of it necessary, but still a nice perk for fans from GW.

So... is that "no" to an existing GWJ guild?

Edit: If so, just friend me up in-game, I guess. Currently level 5 Elementalist / Mesmer, named "Merphie Goodjer"

There's two GWJ guilds, one is GWJ, the other is Silens Tamen Mortifer (SBD). SBD isn't terribly active. There's maybe 5 people logging in on a semi-regular basis. I'm not in the GWJ guild so I don't know if that's been any better. I've been playing off and on (Jeron Bloodfist) for the past few months. I just finished getting all the bonus/master ratings for Nightfall and Factions last night. The official wiki is an invaluable source of information. I used one of their suggested tactics to take out Shiro in under two minutes (1:48 to be exact). If you see me on, shoot me a message, it's been a long time since I've done anything with other players.

merphle - I just sent you an invite to SBD, but as Stengah says the activity is pretty low these days. As far as I know, the original GWJ guild is dead. (Haven't seen anyone admit to being currently in that guild in ages.)

If nothing else SBD will give you access to a guild hall for the easy vendor access, and maybe the occasional run in with a Goodjer. No worries if you decide to look around for something more active though.

Edit: I promoted a bunch of folks to officer to make invites easier.

FYI this weekend is a Eye of the North reputation weekend. For those of you looking to max those titles it's the best time to complete quest chains and turn in the books.

Got the invite, thanks. Occasional Goodjering is fine with me...

I just progressed past the Pre-Searing section, at level 6, so I think that means I'm ready for end-game content, right?

merphle wrote:

Got the invite, thanks. Occasional Goodjering is fine with me...

I just progressed past the Pre-Searing section, at level 6, so I think that means I'm ready for end-game content, right? :P

Added you. I"ll msg you if I catch you online. I had an Ele that I dont play much anymore so I have a few staves kicking around. Some of us could run you around the continent etc. Depending on what your goals are we could accelerate your HoM process, but maybe it's best to just play the tourist for now.

That being said, I will offer the following advice.... dont bother with keys except maybe if you just want to see stuff pop out of chests. The chests are one thing they really missed the mark on for GW1 and your EV is pretty much always less than the value of a key. Also, salvage as many of the drops as you can, the crafting materials will come in handy to upgrade your armour the first few times. And some of the materials you'll get are actually worth a fair amount (e.g., iron and feathers).

Pre-searing was a really nice starting / turorial area, but after that the Prophecies campaign grinds down a quite a bit. The progression goes at a much better pace for Factions and Nightfall. Factions is by far my favourite campaign.

Edit: Now that I think of it. This may seem a bit backwards but starting with Nightfall will give you access to Heroes, which should improve your play experience greatly.

Prophecies does bog down quite a bit at points (the Maguuma Jungle in particular), but I still like that campaign's story best (probably because I played it first). The heroes you get from Nightfall definitely make it the campaign to start with though. Nightfall and Eye of the North are the only campaigns that give you heroes, but they're usable in all campaigns once you have them.

In case this helps folks with HoM points:


Vincent Valentine wrote:

I'm relatively certain this is the fastest, best way to go from zero to 30 and i'll explain a lot so new players aren't lost. If anyone disagrees they're welcome to step in and say something, or offer alternatives.

The very first thing you need to do is bookmark the wiki: It will save you a sh*tload of time and effort. Bookmarking to find decent builds is also a pretty good idea. Lastly, this is more or less the hero setup you'll want to run. It requires you to complete nightfall, and be pretty far into Eye of the North before you have all the heroes for it, so just make a note of it and remember it for later. There's plenty of good hero comps but if you're a beginner that's pretty much all you need.

The next thing you need to do is decide what you're going to start with. Elementalist and Ranger offer the cheapest Armor sets, which will save you a good chunk of money later on. On the other hand, warrior armor costs a loving fortune. Ritualist is what I went with, as it has low armor costs coupled with lots of useful, easy to obtain skills. Regardless of what you do, you should start in Nightfall. If you chose Ritualist or Assassin, simply leave to Elona(nightfall) as soon as you're given the option. You'll have a message pop up in Kaineng Center pretty much as soon as you have access to it telling you who will give you the quest to go there.

Complete Nightfall and try to get the Master reward for as many missions as possible, as it will save you a lot of time later. Complete Eye of the North, be sure to get the Hero's Handbook in Gunnar's Hold from Tyr the Skaald and hold onto it for later. Despite being a short paragraph, this is by far the most time consuming section and you get zero actual points(you get titles which give you points later) for doing it, but it lays the groundwork for later.

As an aside, do NOT IDENTIFY ANY RARE(GOLD) QUALITY ITEMS. Put them in Storage and save them for later. They will almost certainly not be an upgrade for you, and you can get 500 gold or more for selling each one! If you see someone offering to buy "unid golds", they want to buy your rare garbage.

Now that you have all your heroes unlocked, you should make a PVP only character, I recommend a Ray of Judgment Smite Monk( ), talk to the Luxon Diplomat(Play on the luxon side, this is important) very near to where you spawn and do Jade Goddamn Quarry. You'll earn Imperial faction and Balthazar faction for each game, and you can trade the Imperial faction for more Balthazar faction. Skills unlocked at the Balthazar reward vendor become available for your heroes and your PVP-only character(I recommend kitting your pvp character out first) immediately. Almost everyone playing Jade Quarry is a bot! They are probably not players, and will not condemn you for playing poorly! Nobody gives a poo poo how bad you are in Jade Quarry, so get in there! And if they do, ignore them and keep doing what you're doing. Nobody should be doing JQ for any reason other than exactly what you're doing and if they get mad about it they can go to hell.

Complete Factions, getting the masters reward in as many missions as possible.

Next is Prophecies. Unlike Nightfall and Factions, you only need to do the Last four missions of Prophecies to get the title credit for completion. To do this, you need to go to either Lion's Arch(The starting Prophecies city for outsider characters) or Beacon's Perch(wiki). Pay a nice fellow to give you a "Run to Drok's". They will use a combination of skills and alcohol to just haul rear end from one zone line to the next, skipping all the monsters, while you sit pretty at the zone. You'll end up at Droknar's Forge, and from there you simply need to travel East to Thunderhead Keep and hit the Enter Mission button. Once complete, it'll spit you out at the next mission, so hit enter mission again. Rinse/repeat until you're done(I actually can't remember if you have to travel to a mission after completing any of them. Even if you do, it's very easy and you can use the wiki to find out where you need to go). I actually got lucky and paid 15 platinum and got run straight from Lion's Arch to Thunderhead Keep, so if you're super lazy like I am be sure to ask your runner if he'll accept a little extra to run you all the way there.

Now, you need to go back and get the masters reward for all missions in Nightfall and Factions. The wiki will not only tell you where the missions are(as you will have to backtrack into areas you were locked out of for story reasons), it will tell you how to do them.

Next, you need to do War in Kryta/Hearts of the North( ). This will get you a sh*tload of money, which is very important, and enough War Supplies to trade for Medals of Honor to get a Oppressor Weapon which you will need to dedicate at your hall of monuments. Do NOT open any Royal Gifts, and trade only exactly how many War Supplies you need to make an Opressor Weapon in for Medals of Honor. Sell ALL your Royal Gifts, sell ALL your extra war supplies use to find prices. You don't need to sell it all right now, just know that you will have to sell it all eventually.

Next, consult your wiki again to find out exactly where you need to go to get the pets and hero armor for every single point in the Fellowship tree. You need to do several challenge missions, hunt down some rare pets(and release them into the Zaishen Menagerie so you can pick up the other pets). This will take far less time than it looks like, and will save you a boatload of money over buying them all.

After that, your best bet is to do the Black Moa Chick scavenger hunt, and you can find all the information you need about it on the wiki. If you would rather, you can just buy it to save you a lot of running around, but it is rather expensive.

And now it's just a matter of buying things. Buying a lot of things. I'll take it one tree at a time.

You will need 5 total points from the Devotion tree. The best way to get this is 1 Unique(Black Moa Chick), 1 Rare(Pig is the cheapest, last I checked.) and 18 commons(whites). You will need to buy "unded" or "undedicated" minis, and people selling will generally note this. Keep a list of which ones you have dedicated in a notepad file or I guarantee you will forget when buying.

You will need 6 total points from the Resilience tree, which you get by obtaining 7 armors. This varies from class to class as to what the cheapest is, and you can use the wiki(by looking up prestige armor for your class) to see what will be your cheapest route. You will at least need to get either Kurzick OR Luxon armor(not both). As a general rule of thumb, these are the armors that tend to be cheapest: Monument(Humans in Eye of the North), Norn, Asura, Canthan, Exotic, Ancient and Imperial. Remember that Hero's Handbook I had you buy way at the start of this guide? Turning it in will get you enough faction to buy the Norn/Asura armor, and doing War in Kryta/Hearts of the North will get you VERY close to the faction you need for Monument, you may need to grind Rise(see below) for the last bit

Finally, to finish out the Valor tree, buy a Destroyer weapon and dedicate it.


You'll see that you need to make a sh*tload of money to accomplish this, so here's a couple of ways to do that.

Sell all your Unidentified gold items. These are 400-500g a pop.

Create Essence of Celerity(BUs) and sell them. These will only net you 500-1000 of profit per, but what makes them so great is that they cost a Skill Point to make. You likely have a sh*tload of these you have not, and will not, ever use for anything else, which is the restraining factor that makes them valuable. You typically want to sell these wherever people do speed runs, which is a lot of places and you're probably best off asking in Guild Chat around eastern time Dinnertime to find out where people are speedrunning.

Run Rise( until you want to kill yourself, sell the War Supplies.

Personally, I feel the best way to make money is to just start a new character, spend an hour going 1-10, immediately leave for Eye of the North, complete it and then do War in Kryta/Hearts of the North again. Now that you don't need an oppressor weapon, you'll get 350k from selling all the poo poo/quest rewards, AND you'll be able to turn in another Hero's Handbook, meaning you can get the cheap Asura/Norn armor(Whichever you didn't get before). It's very likely that this second WIK/HOTN run will get you all the money you need to do your HoM.

Now for a summary in a sort of checklist format:

1) Complete Nightfall, Eye of the North(do jade quarry for skills at this point), Factions, Last Four Missions of Prophecies, War in Kryta, Hearts of the North
2) Get Masters Reward for every mission in Nightfall and Factions
3) Sell all your poo poo from War in Kryta/Hearts of the North
4) Do the entire Fellowship tree.
5) Get the Minis you need for the Devotion tree, either do the Black Moa Chick scavenger hunt or buy it.
6) Buy the armor you need for the Resilience tree.
7) Buy a Destroyer weapon and dedicate it.

As you can see, only the Honor tree is particularly time consuming, everything else is just buying tons of poo poo, so most importantly Don't get discouraged!. The HoM is INCREDIBLY backloaded. You'll spend days, a week, or even more and not see any more than 3 points, then on your last day you'll jump from 20 straight to 30 as you finish buying the last things you need.

This is more or less what you should look like when you finish, use this as a reference point:

Just wanted to thank DevilStick again for the run from Yak's Bend to Lion's Arch, and from there into EotN to get me some heroes, so my Prophecies experience is a bit more enjoyable.

Not a problem - I enjoyed it.

Ok everyone, looks like we have a good group going. During the Wintersday in July sale I picked up all the skill packs, so now I have several fully unlocked heroes that can help with any run.

Either Wednesday or Thursday works best for me this next week. Is 6:30 Central too early? I either have to play early or play late, and I'm betting most of you don't want to be running at 11 pm Central.

Is this group the sort of thing that a non-L20 would be able to participate in? If so, I think I should be able to make that time on Wednesday (my birthday! :D)

merphle wrote:

Is this group the sort of thing that a non-L20 would be able to participate in? If so, I think I should be able to make that time on Wednesday (my birthday! :D)

If the activities are focused on EotN stuff you will be up-levelled to 20 so you'll be fine.

Other than that I recommend doing the quest to get the signet of capture (in Lion's Arch) asap so you can get Ele elite skills asap.

Signet of Capture? Ok, I'll head over there soon.

I am definitely up for a HoM group anytime

At some point I'd like to run challenges to get the EOTN armor for my party. I'm "Sephirotic Alanemia" in GW. Glint's challenge is the one I have the most trouble with.

I might take you up on that. It would complete my next tier.

I was working on a build for Glint's, but found I could buy a bunch at 2.5K a pop.

FWIW - I can now do Black Widow runs with 6 heroes (leaving room for one runee) in about 25-30 minutes. You need to be L16, and Ascended/Weh no Suh/post-Hunted! (able to go to the Underworld).

PM sent

So... 1930 this evening.

I dont need anything specific (45 hom points) but i should be able to pop in and help out. I have a full roster of nicely setup heroes. I'll check in as Tessi Kness (maybe a little late depending on rl stuff). Who should i look for?

Shout out to Merphie and Tyops for a good run in Norn land. I may be up for more impromptu runs this weekend.

BTW, I was thinking about starting an impromptu guild for all the returning players since the original GW guild seems to be dead. It's also an excuse for me to buy the Hunter's Isle I've always wanted.

Silens Tamen Mortifer (SBD) is somewhat more active now, with people trying to get more HoM points. We've got active officers too, so we could just consolidate there. A new guild would take a lot of money to deck out, and that could be better spent on things that get HoM points (armor, weapons, mini-pets). I'll be on as Jeron Bloodfist pretty regularly until GW2 comes out, and I'm a newly appointed officer, so I can send invites to people that need them.

Stengah wrote:

Silens Tamen Mortifer (SBD) is somewhat more active now, with people trying to get more HoM points. We've got active officers too, so we could just consolidate there. A new guild would take a lot of money to deck out, and that could be better spent on things that get HoM points (armor, weapons, mini-pets). I'll be on as Jeron Bloodfist pretty regularly until GW2 comes out, and I'm a newly appointed officer, so I can send invites to people that need them.

That would be awesome Stengah. I made my offer before I realized how expensive a new guild hall is - they're not available through the vendor currently and people are selling the sigils for between 25-40 ectos. Please send Count Matthias an invite when you get a chance.