Come GWJ conservatives, we must chat

Talking about talking about topics instead of actual discussion. I know it's become pretty common in modern debate to jockey for a moral position on which group/person is the most oppressed, but I don't understand why it has to be such an important part of the conversation here.

If all you have to offer is "here's a vaguely related thing to the topic on which I'd like to grind my axe" or "boo hoo nobody is nice to my team" then sit out of the conversation and go do something productive with your time. I will start weeding this garden if I don't see some common sense and dignity in further discussions.

If you read this post and think it's only directed at you or your preferred group, read it again. I don't care where you stand or what your opinions are. I am painfully aware of how self-selecting and narrow perception can be. Be mindful that when you're indulging in debate over the issues of the day, the guiding purpose should be learning, not cementing your viewpoints and beliefs.

I'll leave you with this last thought which you can take or leave. The very act of defining what any given group or movement is will immediately end the debate. Every time without fail.

1Dgaf wrote:

Bear in mind that with mcdonis using the term 'child murder', he's saying that people who are pro-choice are in favour of killing children.

I don't like that insinuation, but I'd rather tackle the issues than be offended by it. (I actually just find it bemusing.)

It isn't going to be an easy discussion, but the threads, as I read them, are more about logic with a bit of snark than the other way around.

I keep typing responses to this but taking them down because I "wanted" to keep this topic on track but alas I did the opposite. I will say I am sorry to jdzappa because when i answered the part about what things I feel are most important I wanted to answer truthfully but in a way that wouldnt cause folks to start into the abortion debate. One because that really isnt what this thread is about and two because I knew with this crowd it would be immediately attacked. What I should have done was either never post in the first place and keep my thoughts to myself or simply said what I meant and let it go. Instead my poor attempt at not derailing this thread has done the exact opposite.