Curiosity on Mars

Strange how NASA with all their tech looks like a LAN party!

Bear wrote:

Strange how NASA with all their tech looks like a LAN party!

At least one of them must have Diablo III running.

Embedding disabled? Jerks.

Thanks for the links folks.

Did anyone else hear the host on NASA TV say "we're going to take a break and explain the penis?" Cause my girlfriend and I are certain she said penis. Oops.

Peanut lucky charm apparently. Scientists as superstitious as athletes. Who would think?

lol! Just like a normal company, 5m before some massive undertaking some suit gets on the mic and wants to argue about getting "emails" and "estimates" in a timely manner.


It is never not a good time for a Chappelle Show clip.

Wow NASA and peanuts...

6m to entry... what a nail biter....


500 miles!!

Hard to believe I'm watching history in the making. There's a lot of waiting eh!

Wait with us in IRC

13,000 MPH and yet only 8m before its at a complete stop... amazing...

20s to entry...


i can hear the engineers iphones tweeting...

For once, I am glad I can't sleep!

wow, watch that speed drop!


holy sh*t, not landed yet and getting visualization...

edit: sorry.. telemetry data


And parachute deployed!

I am watching the NASA feed and feel pretty geeky. :S

touchdown confirmed.





Absolutely awesome.

Screw CERN, this is way more exciting lol


Well that's pretty great.

First images coming in.. wow


Pretty sure that was the Death Star.


Wheels down, images. This sh*t is awesome!

Pics from mars, being tweeted to the world instantly. When the f*ck did the future arrive