Official Team Fortress 2 Game Nights (PC)

I will never understand why random folks stumble onto GWJ, find the password, and play on Stan's. There are lots of public servers in the world - go play on one of those.

Certis wrote:

I assume this clan was [Mtan]? Not one person in that (Mighty Tangerine) Steam community is actually a member of ours. I'd suggest Jake just ban them and we move on.


Nobody's seen Jake in weeks. I suggest we move all server activity to Parallel's server. New maps over there, and an admin.

Parallel's Playground
password: goodjer2

Yea, where is Jake? I haven't seen him in CoD4 either.

Jake, you alive man?

For Jake's benefit, [MTan]Alpha, Gamma, and Sigma were the guys that were being irritating. There were also a couple of guys from [TMS] as well, but they weren't a problem, although I assume they have no connection to GWJ either.

It is hard to tell, there were two clans present on the server last night, Mtan and TMS. I was never on their team, so I can't speak for which group was causing the trouble.

[MTan]Sigma, [MTan]Gamma, and [MTan]Alpha were one group. The biggest problem, as I remember from playing with them other nights, is that they would pair off as medic/offensive class to the exclusion of everyone else. The medic was probably killing time until he could pair up with his clanmate.

[TMS]Chump Norris and [TMS]Joker were the other group.

I was wondering why I have been seeing all the Clan Tags on Stans Lounge lately. I thought maybe our humble GWJ members were kicking enough ass to join the big leagues :).

I've seen a lot of unfamiliar names on the server recently in addition to the clans. Makes me wonder just how many goodjers are unable to get on thanks to these guys taking up slots.

Good point nsmike, I didn't even think about that. I'm inclined to agree with Gumbie, maybe we should move activity over to Parallel's. Does Parallel's server have HLStatsX? Not that it matters that much.

I've been slammed with work and haven't had any time for gaming. I think a password change might be in order. Seems like the pw for the server has gotten around a little too much.

jakeleg wrote:

I've been slammed with work and haven't had any time for gaming. I think a password change might be in order. Seems like the pw for the server has gotten around a little too much.

Sounds good, maybe if you don't mind have a couple goodjers have mod privileges to at least ban ppl if you aren't around.

I don't feel comfortable about giving out rcon access to the server, so if there is somebody causing trouble, just send me their name and I can add them to the ban list.

I think a password change would be best though. Most of the influx of outsiders is probably from word of mouth - people giving others the password. Though if we continue to have a problem, I will have to figure out another way to get the password to community members rather than posting it here.

So effective immediately the new Stan's Lounge pw is: "tpsreport"

That's the password of a guy who really is swamped at work.

May I suggest we stop putting the password on the Steam Community page? The community page is visible to everyone. You can put the server info in the announcements page. Those seem to be available only to members of the community.

[edit] Nevermind, announcement page is viewable by all as well.

What I'll do is push out a game event that contains the new password. That way it should pop for community members.

Ok, that's done. I've also made a note to check the forums for the password.

I'm with jmdanny - I would imagine non-GWJ folks are getting it from the Steam Community page. I doubt it's being picked up from the forums here. Maybe just remove it from the community page?

Only problem, no one has seen Jakelegg in weeks. Dead?

subaltern wrote:

Only problem, no one has seen Jakelegg in weeks. Dead?

jakeleg wrote:

I've been slammed with work and haven't had any time for gaming. I think a password change might be in order. Seems like the pw for the server has gotten around a little too much.

Jake, glad to see your still kickin, we were getting worried about ya!

subaltern wrote:

Only problem, no one has seen Jakelegg in weeks. Dead?

You know, I'm willing to bet he isn't. I'll even give you great odds!

I've banned all of the names people sent me and I've also added a new map - ctf_freezers_v2. I checked it out and it looked promising. You can download it here.

If anyone finds a map they really like, let me know. In general, the stuff I have seen the community create so far is not that great. Boxy, bad textures/lighting, too big, no flow. I'm looking forward to the new official maps.

We've had two maps suggested recently jakeleg, from earlier in the thread:

We do have two maps offered up as suggestions, Smooth B2 and the holiday themed ctf_snofort_final

I like how Smooth B2 looks quite a bit, though I haven't played it in a game. It seems like a strong map.

Snofort is merely okay, but I think it might be worth it for the holiday novelty value. It would be nice to have and then taken out of rotation in a couple weeks after the holidays.

I say give the new levels a go.

WOOHOOO!! Jakeleg is back! Yeah the Sigma guy was a douche, his team won and then He typed TAKE THAT YOU NOOBS!!!! Then we all talked to his "roommate" Gamma(?) and told him to tell him to shut up that we play with a kickback attitude.

I will admit that I give out the password to a few friends but only AFTER I tell them all about how to act and they are ALL over 25 and cool.

Clocktower and [LM]Dread are my friends that I have let on so far.. LM is a LAN party I use to frequent.

Freezers looks like a nightmare to defend... Should be interesting to see what materializes there. A LOT of routes to the intelligence.

By request, I've also added:

and another one that looks good:

Four new maps? You spoil us, jakeleg.

Hope your work-load lessens out and we have a chance to see you on the server soon. And thanks for the quick action on the ban list/password thing.

I didnt have the ctf_freezer map in my map directory when the server tried to change to that map, so it kicked me off (instead of downloading it). I don't know if thats a way to keep bandwidth under control or something is not configured correctly. It loaded properly when I manually downloaded and installed the map file. So I'd recommend you get the maps installed prior to logging in to avoid getting kicked off. Can't wait to play the new maps with the rest of the community.

I know I've played with and against them ([Mtan]) a few times the last couple of weeks, the only one that I seem to notice is Sigma and that is because we have had a couple epic battles as heavies. We finally were on the same team this Friday, and I spoke to him. He seemed like a good person, but I didn't notice them doing anything out of the ordinary that other gwjers do...... I think I would agree with Distant on someone having a talking to them before out right banning them, but I will go along with what the community decides. I'm only posting this because I got a bad vibe from them when they first started playing, but felt a little better once I actually got a chance to talk to one of them. Remember, this is only my opinion, and I don't pay much attention to everybody's chit chatting because I'm usually to busy chewing you up, spitting you out, and then glaring at you (See previous page!).....

The only reason I noticed Sigma is that his trash-talking was a bit excessive, especially for someone I have never seen before. Most of his heinous comments are in text chat so maybe not everybody is seeing them in the heat of battle.

I played for the first time in a while, and still had a ton of fun. While I started out playing only medic on the server, I tend to go demo if there are not enough on the team. I've found demo to be extremely important on defense. I used to lay stickies on the cap point and then rush into battle, usually dying before I could set them off. Now, I always just ly stickies wherever I notice enemesbare drawn to, and just wait. Patience is almost always rewarded withbsome nice gibs

Being tighter with the password plus dialog here identifying any problem players that find their way onto the server seems like a winning combo.