New Macbook Pro keyboard problem - it's on the bloody screen.

Our new Macbook Pro has keyboard marks on the screen.

We bought a new Macbook Pro, one with a normal screen. There are two problems: the first is that, when you shut it, it somehow picks up the silhouette of the keyboard. Is this normal? We can wipe that mark away.

The second - and this is worse - is that, like the keyboard 'image', there's this weird grid that's about 3/4 of the size of the screen on the right and also on the top left.

Each square is about 1/2 a cm. It's not running vertically but at an angle; almost like a tea towel has been left on there. We've tried rubbing it with a screen cleaner and microfibre cloth. It's starting to fade a bit, but it's still very noticeable in reflected light.

What's going on? This thing cost almost £2,000. Does it need taking to Apple? Should we just rub the thing off over time?

Take it to an apple store if you can. I've never seen a MacBook arrive from the factory like that.

Someone else has exactly the same problem.


I had this problem with an Alienware M11x. The rubber spacers couldn't quite keep the keyboard from touching the screen when the laptop is closed. The glossy screens will pick up oil easily. It's really annoying. I made a huge mistake trying to fix this issue. I took a piece of that styrofoam stuff that monitors get wrapped in and put it between the screen and keyboard whenever I closed the laptop. Somehow, this caused keyboard marks to physically burn in to the plastic of the screen. It was awful. It's a long story, but I did actually get a new screen out of them under warranty.

I now keep a piece of white paper in between the laptop and keyboard and that has worked very well for whenever I travel with it.

Like complexmath says, though, you shouldn't be having that issue with a MacBook. I just figured you'd be interested in a keyboard mark horror story.

I found out what's going on; it's throwback to manufacturing. I cleaned it off by wiping the screen with a lens cleaning wipe; one that came in its own little sachet. Why the microfibre cloth and cleaning solution didn't work is beyond me.

I found a few reports of the same thing on other MacBooks, not just 2012 ones either. I used the wipe because I read about a guy who did the same thing. He was at an Apple store and a 'genius' explained it was and the customer wiped the screen at the store.

Very poor quality control.